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I remember making...human hair

Hair was...originally...made as another way to feel things. Just another way to feel and perceive. It was all over the human body. But...I didn't put any on the heads because...I liked bald heads. They were shiny and pretty and made fun noises if you slapped them.

But...humans complained...that their heads were cold sometimes. So...I worked with them and we came up with...hats. which was so fun, they made all kinds. So did i. But. Here was the issue. Not all humans...liked to wear hats. They didn't like having to find a hat to put on...wear it...get it caught on stuff and fall off....so...I had to really think. Some sort of hat that was just always on their head and wouldn't come off if it got caught on something. And that is how I made head hair! But...it took a while to figure out how to make it...how people liked because..it didn't really start out as "hair" hair...I tried hard hair...squishy hair...spiky hair...until humans found the type of hair they like best. Every human had different preferences. I tried to make adjustments based on y'alls input. You did NOT like any hair that wasn't...soft. like...no rock hair. Had to be soft. Hard hair was not...comfortable. It had to be sorta pillowy.

Anyways...I made basic hair types based on what people seemed to enjoy but...humans...went ABSOLUTELY wild with head hair once I figured it out. Oh they LOVED it. They all had their own crazy styles and they just kept getting crazier. They made ART out of their hair. It was amazing. I was so amused by it...I made facial hair as well...hoping they'd do the same. and they truly did not disappoint.

It made me sad when..they normalized certain hair styles...and made hair care outside of the home...so no one really knew how to style their hair and would just go get the same haircuts. Obviously plenty of people rebelled against that though.

Some people...wanted to stay bald. And then I could enjoy their shiny pretty slappable heads. Lovely. (Sorry I have since learned slapping bald heads is not polite.)
Ananke · 26-30, F
When humans invented wigs. I thought it was the FUNNIEST fucking thing. I...invented hair...to be a permanent hat. And they invented a hat...that was hair. Oh my gosh. It totally defeated the purpose to me. It was hilarious. I loved it and loved wearing wigs. It was fun. Another thing I admired about wigs was...they let you be bald and have hair at the same time. That is so cool. You can have a shiny pretty head that is low maintenace and still have a fun hairstyle for every day too. Wow! Humans are so creative.

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