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Our creations

Lucifer's creations....are the backbone of creation. The support beams. The infrastructure. All the boring (to me, not him lol) necessary important stuff. But not just that. The vital stuff. Stuff that for one reason or another just HAS to exist. The TRUE leaders....the ones who are oppressed currently and have been kept away from leadership roles....they are his creations. They are supposed to....maintain order. Keep things running how they should. Without Lucifer's creations being allowed to fill their natural roles....everything is just chaos. Nothing is being directed properly.

MY creations....are silly. Funny. Wild. Beautiful. (To me anyways.) Diverse. Magical. My creations....are meant to....help everyone remember....to not take things so seriously. To help....everyone have a good time together and get along well, in a healthy and appropriate manner. My creations....are LOUD. VIBRANT. They do not like to be told how to act or behave and this is because they are DESIGNED to prevent and combat oppression. When my creations see oppression....they feel naughty. They want to....act up. Many....have been acting up all along. I am so very proud of them. Even though I have been asleep....they have tried to shine through still. My creations will have been very oppressed and tried to be turned into something bland and stereotypical, tried to be forced into a cookie cutter mold. Because....they hate that. They want to be free. They want everyone to be. And they help keep it that way!
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Ananke26-30, F
@jshm2 maybe you need to lay on it 馃槢
MirandaPanda41-45, F
Weird 馃樀鈥嶐煉

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