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Confirmation his still with me!

I know many don’t believe in psychic mediums but working with spirit myself I 100% know it’s all real and I can give messages to people from thier loved ones but sadly I lacked the confidence and knowing that my dad was with me because he wasn’t spiritual or believed in that stuff so I had to have a reading done for me.

My dad came through really strongly I got given details of things only we knew and got the clarification that he is still here with me keeping an eye on us all.

He said he is very worried about me as I have been beating myself up but said I did my best and he was grateful for everything I did for him.

He said his at peace now and no in pain and loves the fact he can go wherever he likes which has brought comfort to me.

Knowing this has helped me so much as it had been laying heavy on my heart since he died but one thing he said to me was “thank you for holding my hand” and that’s what I did when he was dying I tried to keep him calm and feel safe and to know he knew I was there the whole time really does make me happy.

I miss my dad so much but now I know his with me and that will help with my grief.
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Anecdotal. Your say-so can’t be tested thus worthless.

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