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So this guy hates pagans too


At least they're not controlling women's bodies or making laws against their rights.

Indigenous religions like native Canadians, native Americans and indigenous australians accepted the diversity of genders and had gender neutral terms and also diverse gender roles in their leadership.
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Trappedmermaidsoul · 26-30, F
@jshm2 shut up racist bigot.
Lovesungoddess · 18-21, F
@Trappedmermaidsoul it's best to ignore him.
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Torsten · 36-40, M
who gives a shit if some random person hates your religion?
I see this all the time on this site that people cant handle others not liking someones religion.

To me religion is something you keep to yourself and dont try shoving it onto others and if you truly believe in your religion, you wont feel the need to justify it or convince others of it.

Im Pagan and i dont mean that in the weird witch occult type paganism but i mean real Paganism and i couldnt care any less if others dont like it or whatever else.
just saying
CountScrofula · 41-45, M
lol looks like I'm blocked.

I'm an atheist and I have profound contempt for people who hate on Indigenous or folk religions.

Clearly, there has been a need for spirituality in humanity because every single people group ever have religious practices of some kind. Just because I'm not religious doesn't mean that other people can't be.

And as you mention, there's a lot we can learn from Indigenous spiritual practice because they get a lot of things right.
Ynotisay · M
Maybe it's because they make up 0.3 percent of citizens. And those groups you mentioned were also down with human sacrifice and some other pretty messed up stuff so no one's hands are clean. And there's also no single religion attached to them either. They're beliefs which is different. Paganism, along with any mindset that includes deities, is for those who choose belief and typically have a need to belong to a group of like minded "thinkers." So my take is that's what that person was slamming.
Ynotisay · M
@robingoodfellow Fair enough. But you have to get your information from somewhere right? There's leaders in Paganism. There's a general path. It's why they have non-profit status. I mean, if someone is going to call themselves something there needs some type of structure, right? And at the end of the day, It's still deities, and reincarnation and the supernatural which people turn to for solace, togetherness and whatever else they get out of it. I don't subscribe but whatever. Different paths. Just be a decent person.
But the Pagan thing, which as an outsider I sort of see like veganism in that people love to mention it's their lane, seems like a bit of a push with the nature connection. Because when you're [i]really [/i]connected to nature and spend time in it, the lesson should be that a human being is no more or less important than a termite eating a dead tree. The understanding is that humans are animals and nothing more than a part of the natural cycle. Nature just is. And that's where the power lies.
Now I'm no expert but it seems like that's sort of one of the main constructs of Paganism. That we're all a part of a nature. But human arrogance, under the guise of being "special" and a promise of some type of afterlife, takes control. If you're just a part of nature there's no need for any of the rest of it. That's the element I find really interesting. But again, whatever. People like to believe in things that aren't supported by anything other than belief. It's just the way our species rolls.
@Ynotisay I know you're into nature and hiking and the wilderness so yes, you are kind of in tune what Paganism is about.
The word Pagan originally was a term for country people: people who lived off the earth and were very in tune with the seasons and the nature all around them.

You know when your alone in the wilderness and it becomes more than just pretty views all around you? You start to feel part of the scenery. You begin to get a perspective of the interconnectivity of everything.
Pagan spirituality is an extension of that.

I understand what you mean by the veganism reference. But I'd compare that with Christians who love to flaunt the bible at you whether you're interested or not. It doesn't discount the Christian who quietly finds peace and solitude in reading scripture. Hey people are people, no matter what they believe.

Are there leaders in the Pagan community?
If there are I don't know them.
There are some authors who've written books for people interested in getting into it. And there are Wiccans who prefer a coven and I guess they may have individual leaders.
Speaking for myself it's always been a personal and private path. I incorporate many things including Native American philosophies.
Ynotisay · M
@robingoodfellow Appreciate that. I just did a quick search, because I'm not very familiar, and it appears that Pagan leadership is a real thing. There's seminaries. But that makes sense. But it also doesn't mean that everyone needs to subscribe to the "group think" that takes place around religions or beliefs. There's always different paths up the mountain.

And yeah. I'm in the wilderness most every day and definitely relate to when things are extra nice, extra bad or when I've had unusual experiences with wildlife. But I personally don't attach anything more to it than what it is. It doesn't mean I experience anything more or less than those who do apply something 'deeper' or have a supernatural component attached to it. But for me, who is all I can speak about, it's just a lesson in humility and respect. And that's directly related to being out there safely which is necessary if you do it a lot. I'm lucky in that I feel safer and more "alive" when I'm alone in the remote wilderness than anywhere else. But that's all on me and my relationship to it. I don't feel special or have the need to apply something "bigger" to explain it. Nature just is. And "it" gives two shits about me. I'm no more or less important than a bug. Personally, I like that feeling and don't feel the need to see beyond that. Others do. And that's fine. But it's not real. It's human beings applying their own consciousness, needs and beliefs to something that, in my opinion, doesn't need explaining. But again, different paths up the mountain.👍
Jake966 · 56-60, M
A guy is a guy and a girl is a girl
Convivial · 26-30, F
We have been made to forgo much...
As a Gael Druid it is just something that we have to put up with. However we trust Mother Earth and the gods. They will deal out punishment upon then
Ynotisay · M
@SW-User Punishment. Do what we say and think what we think or you'll pay. What a positive message.
@Ynotisay Not remotely close to what I said.
Karma is another word for what I’m describing. You do bad things ie. Attacking this woman religious freedom. Bad things will happen to you. In this case from Mother Earth
Ynotisay · M
@SW-User [i]They will deal out punishment [/i]
Yep. Not remotely close. Sure thing.
And religious freedom? Really? Pray to a rock for all I care. As long as you're decent. But I'm not on board with playing the persecuted card and not keeping religious beliefs to ourselves. Those who don't are playing a different game. And the vast majority don't.
And the Mother Earth thing? I would bet the house that you have very, very little relationship with the wilderness. And that's fine. But if you did, you'd hopefully realize that human arrogance means absolutely nothing to "Mommy." Nothing.
But whatever gets you though the night I guess. But if you're not afraid of the dark night then there's no worries.
i can’t view it, prob blocked them. but i think pagan and Native American/any native indigenous group has a very deep understanding of life and spirituality in general.. they rly had it right, but were all forced and killed to follow Christianity. why do Christians overlook that?
Lovesungoddess · 18-21, F
@deathfairy yeah true. Christians were responsible for the deaths of indigenous people and also slavery.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
He has not only blocked me, yet as well made that post at least site only or private.

I have no idea who it is. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Renaci · 36-40
Yeah religion starts out progressive but the problem is when they become mainstream that power corrupts. The Mayans were just as bad as any Abrahamic beliefs. They really love human and animal sacrifices.

And I actually really love paganism. But I also see what could happen because in belief there are no checks and balances to power corrupting.

Jesus was once progressive as well. Islam was once highly scientific. Look what happened to them.
Lovesungoddess · 18-21, F
@Renaci agree with that.
For years there was a website called Trans Spirit that explained that how for millennia the Trans were considered the Third Spirit because us dysphorics were more in tune with the Universe, the Yin Yangs, and became the Shamabs. Then 5,000 years ago religion began and started slaughtering us. The site no longer exists, it disappeared about six years ago.

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