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"If God loves me like he said he does, then why don't he just save me?" [Spirituality & Religion]

And God shall say, with tears flowing down...

"I tried that.


"Remember, when you told me you didn't want me or need me?

I remember that day when you said, "No, thank you. I'll get to heaven, my OWN way. I don't need YOU, to do that for me."

I remember that day when you mocked and laughed at me, and called me a "Flying Spaghetti Monster", remember that?

Little did you know... That while you were saying all that, I was proving my love for you, and paying for your sins, because I love you so much. I created you, Son. You were mine. Man is my Crown Creation! And all I could think about, when I was hanging on that cross, was YOU.

I DIDN'T HANG THERE FOR MYSELF. I HUNG THERE FOR YOU. I wanted NOTHING MORE... Than for you, to be with heaven.

So, son, I ask you now...

And Jesus wept and said,

"WHY, SON?!! WHY!! would you not let me SAVE you, like I WANTED to, so BAD? [b][c=#BF0000]JOHN 3:16[/c][/b]

WHY wouldn't you TRUST Me??

WHY did you throw me away, when I could have SAVED YOU!!!

WHY have you made Me suffer and sacrifice my LIFE for you, in VAIN?


It not true, that you've hurt no one. You will never know, by your rejecting me and my love... How you have crushed my heart to pieces. For now, I suffer as unto death.

My son, what you didn't know, was that I never turned you away.


It was your OWN tongue... who sent Me away. And that is why, if someone turns Me away, they also turn away My perfect Plan of Salvation. But for those yet still alive, Jesus waits for you to come so he can rescue you from the sins that condemn you. He shall never turn you away. [b][c=#BF0000]JOHN 3:36[/c][/b]

I am not willing that ANY should perish, but have EVERLASTING LIFE. Like you, I tried My best... Not just to SHOW you my love. But to PROVE it to you. MY works are HOLY, because "I" am the HOLY, GREAT, "I AM."

MY WORKS on the cross, were so YOU could be saved. YOUR WORKS, in your sinful state, mean NOTHING. Your sins can give Me no Glory. But once you ask forgiveness and your sins are no more, your spiritual works shall count for good, as they bring Glory to Me and My Father.

All were foolish, to think that Satan and his demons could match the power and strength of Almighty God. SATAN, who is sin personified, cannot forgive sins. For he, himself, is sin, and could not even win the war in Heaven:

The Bible gives reference that [b][c=#BF0000]there are two occasions whereSataniscastoutofHeaven; once with his angels, and once in the future.... Since the ultimate fall ofSatanis actually yet in the future (Revelation 9:1)... Lucifer, himself, shall one day fall under the judgment of God.[/c][/b]

It is only by My saving GRACE... MY WORKS... That you are saved. Not by YOUR WORKS.... Lest you should BOAST! [b]EPHESIANS 2:9[/b]

Did you sacrifice your life, to save Me? No. Instead, it was your sins that hung me there.


And that is why scripture has said that HELL HATH ENLARGED ITSELF. To make room for all whose sins, still separate them from God. Those who refused to believe My Truths, so I could rescue them from Hell.

ALL who did it "their way". Those who mock laugh, criticize, curse Him, and sadly, claim there is no God. When they find out there is, it will be too late, once they pass from life to death. But for those, still alive, God shall in no wise cast away. [b][c=#BF0000]JOHN 6:36[/c][/b]

Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
Ok, I understand your point and it is very well made.

However, you, I assume, have been privileged with a personal encounter with God, in whatever form, many haven't.

To me, to experience him is to be able to fall in Love with Him.

To intellectually know of him or to have heard of him is not the same?
[@1387,Zeusdelight] no sir. Unfortunately, only God knows their heart if they are truly Christians or not, but if they truly new Jesus as Savior, they would never damn people. No matter who it is in the world who follows Christ, if they are dedicated and truly loved him, they will reflect his behavior. We are not to judge anyone. It really really upsets me when they do this because for those who truly art in the Lord, it also reflects bad on them and then people just don't even want to hear it. And I can't blame them. The Christians that I know and I know many many many over the years, have never damned people. That's just purely of the devil. Jesus told his followers to go and tell people how they can get to heaven, not to force them. I put my stuff out there and share it, and people can make up their own minds. But that doesn't mean I don't love them as much as I do anyone else. I'm certainly not Superior. I just avoid people like that. To me they are false teachers and well frankly, they seem to be following Satan than God because God would never do that. Even when Jesus taught in his day, never once did he damn people. And God said in his word that people who do that, will be accountable to him. He really hates that because when they turn people away from Christ, well, God has lost another soul.
Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
[@417971,LadyGrace] But he loved us all even us to reject him, free will.
[@1387,Zeusdelight] He sure does. It says in the Bible God loves The Sinner himself, meaning as a person, but not their sin. But that doesn't mean that everyone accepts his love. If someone gives you a birthday gift, you have to reach out and get it. If you receive it, that means you accept it. Same thing with God. He's not going to give the privilege of heaven, to someone who just treats his death and suffering flippantly, like trash, and sees no worth in how much he suffered for us on the cross. He paid too high a price to just give it away to people who could care less. He didn't have to die on the cross for us. He could have let us all go to hell. But instead, he [b]volunteered[/b] to pay for our sins. He wasn't thinking of himself. He was thinking of us when he hung on the cross.

With free will, if we want to have a relationship with him, just like you would anyone else, you would address them and talk to them. Unless we do that, God is not going to go against our will. Were you able to read my whole article? You will see exactly where I stand on that.
SledgeHammer · 46-50, M
-Flying Spaghetti Monster- ?

Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
[@417971,LadyGrace] Why threaten about a comment like that. God is the judge, as you say, not you. They have not had your personal intimate experiences, so let them be. Before your experience, what would you have said?
[@1387,Zeusdelight] That would be true if I said it, but it's in God's word. I haven't criticized or threatened anyone. I stated exactly what God said in His Word, he won't have it. It doesn't matter or have anything to do about my experience. Anyone can have God save them like I did. Everyone has their own unique experience but this is not about my experience or anybody else's. I was only commenting what God said. There's not a thing wrong with that. God is saying that anyone that mocked him will have to answer to him. That's a fact and he told everyone that. That's not a condemning statement that God made. It was a statement of caution so they don't make that mistake. There's a big difference. He didn't say oh you're going to go to hell if you do this or do that. No. He only said that our sins need to be forgiven so that we can enter Heaven. I don't want to be labeled as something I'm not.
[@1019125,SledgeHammer] I'm really surprised. 😄
eyeno · M
Your words brought me to tears.
God bless you (Number 6:24-26)
[@1150425,eyeno] And God bless you, my friend. ❤️🤗

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