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And Christians say i'm horrible for calling the church a corrupt criminal organisation. [Spirituality & Religion]
REMsleep · 41-45, F
I didn't read the article because it wasn't posted as a link and I'm on a phone but pedophiles have been systematically covered up in schools, boys and girls club organizations, and in families. Are those institutions corrupt or do bad people gravitate towards positions that will advance their evil goals?
REMsleep · 41-45, F
[@472133,NeloAngelo] Well NeloAngelo that's a nice tidy statement but I don't believe it to be absolutely true. There's some truth to it but why are most abused children abused within their own families and it goes unreported. 1 in 5 girls (at absolutely lowest estimates) are sexually abused as children. This is majority within the family or close friends network. Why aren't most of these people brought to justice? Are most families bad corrupt evil people?
NeloAngelo · 22-25, M
[@867436,REMsleep] everyone who abuses kids are corrupt evil people. if someone knows an abuse is taking place and do/say nothing then they are equally corrupt. if that's "Most Families" then yes.
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Not [i]all[/i] churches are corrupt. Don't think those priests will get by with it. A true Christian wouldn't do that anyway. These are not Christian men.
NeloAngelo · 22-25, M
[@417971,LadyGrace] same thing everybody says. "Not us". not surprising after all nobody want to admit they shit the bed.
[@472133,NeloAngelo] Yeah well it's unrealistic to call every apple in the barrel, rotten. I'm certainly not in that category. That's a very poor attitude. And it is not fair to those who truly love and try to live for Christ but if that's what you want to believe. Some people just don't like certain other people anyway so it doesn't matter.
Mguinm · 51-55, F
[@417971,LadyGrace] You are exactly right Grace. 🤗
sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M
And democrats think I am terrible for calling the democrat party a corrupt criminal organization.
well outside of the church it's even worse
NeloAngelo · 22-25, M
[@980195,IseeBeautifulThingsAroundYou] doesn't make it any better.
english · 51-55, M
the damage they did across Canada with the native Indian kids,or first nations as we call them now .( as if that will make difference to their lives)most of them are still waiting to paid compensation that the government promised.
NeloAngelo · 22-25, M
[@644861,english] meanwhile the church simply smiles and collects donations.
english · 51-55, M
[@472133,NeloAngelo] not like the popes going broke anytime soon , leader of the biggest pedo ring in the world 🙃
Don't worry, be happy

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