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If we have ever sinned even one time we can't go to heaven? We have to be perfect? [Spirituality & Religion]

Yes. If we see a murderer we want him in jail right? Even a drivetexterer馃檪! Well God will even the score, and give everyone exactly what they deserve! So what do we do then?
Mamapolo201670-79, F
I disagree. With humans, there is no perfect. It is a gift to us when we admit our wrong-doing and accept God's love to guide us. Just like the murderers and drivetexterers you mention, we make the choice.

If our ego will not allow the admission of wrong-doing, we are free to proceed on course. Like with breaking the law, there are penalties.
Mamapolo201670-79, F
I am not arguing with you. I am trying to understand.

Do you believe those who are born again cannot sin?[@889684,Carazaa]
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] I think we sin, but feel terrible when we do. I do for sure. And there are consequesnses in this life for sinning! And God corrects us quickly if we are walking with him so he can use us and we can love others but we do not have to stand at the judgment seat and pay for any sins because Jesus did that for us already!
Mamapolo201670-79, F
Thank you. 馃[@889684,Carazaa]
SwampFlower26-30, F
I was raised under the notion of total depravity, which states the complete opposite of this: Humans are [i] incapable[/i] of goodness apart from God.

I dont understand the need for salvation under an expectation of perfection. It's not a "one and done" deal.
[@871066,SwampFlower] We can not earn heaven that is true because we are not perfect. Jesus had to die to take our sins only then can we enter heaven.
ImplodingVoices41-45, F
So what do we do then?
Try to figure out if this God you are following is the right God. Some of the Gods people think they believe in are just made up Gods their church created instead of the real one in the Bible.
[@864112,ImplodingVoices] 馃Yes trust in Jesus He will make us perfect!
Graylight46-50, F
In Catholicism, it's held that as long as one is truly repentant and vows to commit the sin no more, they can be forgiven and gain entrance into Heaven. This is illustrated by the story of the two thieves on the cross with Jesus in John (I believe).
[@627992,Graylight] Roman Catholics and many cults made up their own book, and changed the Bible, and is Satanic. Jesus died for ALL the worlds sins one time. [b]"He says you must be born again" [/b] Once that happens then your name is written in the book of life, and you go to heaven forever when you die. When Jesus comes back your body will be resurrected "[b]The dead in Christ will rise first"[/b] The ungodly will stand for judgment, Jesus will say I never knew you, and you will be found guilty, and sent to eternal torment.
Graylight46-50, F
[@889684,Carazaa] Without opening a debate about this, because it's clear your belief of Catholicism is based on hearsay, the Bible was changed no more than any other Christian translation.

Be careful about finding scriptual back-up for your beliefs. Literally anything can be supplied by scripture.
[@627992,Graylight] you can believe in the pope but I believe in the Bible, Gods word, and he says we don't pray to anyone but God! Not Mary because she wasn't but a sinful girl of 14 who was blessed to carry Gods son, and no pope can forgive your sins, and you can NOT work your way to heaven! Only Jesus, God Almighty becoming flesh John 1 can forgive your sins! Only He is going to come in the clouds like a loin and judge the living and the dead! You don't want him to say "I never knew you" I care about you so just read John 1 and revelation 22 馃馃尰
Tastyfrzz56-60, M
The whole basis of Christianity is the concept of Grace. The idea that Christ died for our sins. This is for all humanity, [youtube=]Past, present, and future. You don't need to make blood sacrifices to God or even do penance. Just be good to each other which comes naturally to those who have studied the actual teachings and not focused on the fantasies and fiction.
[@391032,Tastyfrzz] 馃 Thank you!
I believe that is why God sent his only die for our sins, so that if we repent and sin no more, God will be able to forgive us. Jesus took every one of our sins onto Himself, and because He was the only perfect being, God forgives all of our sins THROUGH his only Son.
[@387713,4meAndyou] 馃 thank you!
According to the catholic doctrine, if you have had original sin removed from your soul (baptism), then you will be able to enter the holy gates, but only if you are free from sin. If not, you are sent to purgatory until you are pure. Then you are allowed into heaven.
Those who have never been baptized, will never enter heaven; instead they are forever doomed to remain in Limbo.
Hey, you can鈥檛 make something like this up.
[@207746,CereBellum] OK but I believe the purgatory is wishful thinking because nowhere in the Bible is that stated. We are called once to die and then the judgment. The only way to heaven is NOT what we do but what Jesus did on the cross for us God Almighty died for the worlds sins, so we don't have to. All our sins are forgiven.
[@207746,CereBellum] I am so glad that they extended Jesus love to you. We are to love people!馃尰
[@207746,CereBellum] They made it up. I don't quality supposedly because I'm ***** never mind the really bad stuff I do that even God doesn't know about.

Nobody's business but mine.

ok all?
And we all have original sin, right? So basically, your god creates us like that to have a reason for sending us to hell unless we submit to him.

You know what that makes him? A narcissistic abuser.
Sicarium41-45, M
Not a Christian, but that would seem to be the whole point of salvation. It's rather apparent. Kind of central. Maybe try reading the Bible.
[@33564,Sicarium] 馃
gregloa56-60, M
Repent and obey the gospel which is be born again which is be baptized in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit for the remission of your sins. Then the blood Jesus shed on the cross will cover our sins making us perfect before God.
Success22-25, F
If heaven is to be populated with perfect people then it will surely remain empty. Not even Jesus dwells there. He befriended criminals and he committed crimes.
Jesus did not commit any crimes! He was perfect because he was God in the flesh and therefore he and he alone took your sins on his shoulders![@1001706,OhKelsey]
Success22-25, F
[@889684,Carazaa] He disrupted banking institutions, made undeclared income, and inspired a sub-culture leaning towards revolt. This is substantiated. One might only argue that God told him to do so, and therefore it was right- although criminal.
SwampFlower26-30, F
[@1001706,OhKelsey] Indeed. Liberation theology uses Jesus as a model for nonviolent insurrection.
Forget it, just look inside yourself and be kind to others.


kingkyri56-60, M
Eh, so kill them all and let God sort them! 馃
TheDevilYouNeed51-55, M
Heaven is so overrated.

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