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Is God really dead? [Spirituality & Religion]

If he is. Then who is in control of the universe? And a dying God is no God. But a pretender to the throne. Why worship the Dead?
FailedToFetch56-60, M
I knew it would surprize you! 馃槉
[quote]Is God really dead?


So what is the point of the rest of the post?
It's all hypothetical extrapolation from a question to which you have no answer
Abbenthewolf16-17, M
[@360493,Celine93] don't play an idiot i know exactly what I said. But you don't because it is hidden from the foolish.

Tsk tsk. So sensitive.

Now try that again but this time pretend we're just having a discussion and you can answer my question without taking it personally.馃槈
Peekaboo2022-25, F
The saying is about the idea God exists- not God itself.
Abbenthewolf16-17, M
[@681848,TheAmazingPeekaboo] no wrong. Sorry for your misunderstanding. God is very real just as real as the air you breathe the water you drink. The light you see but can't comprehend it!!! 馃惡
Peekaboo2022-25, F
[@1088,AbbenrainbowwolfAngel] Jeez you seem fucking dense. Or maybe you can't read and comprehend well. The phrase 'God is dead' doesn't mean that God was once alive. It means that belief in God is dying. I said nothing about my belief on this, and any misunderstanding began as your misinterpretations.
Abbenthewolf16-17, M
[@681848,TheAmazingPeekaboo] you have no idea what you are talking about. Tell you a mystery but you didn't understand me.because you can't see nor hear. You read but lack the meaning of my words and it shows by your use of vulgarity!!. Foul mouthed witch. Stay blind. As well of deaf. Hop on your broom and fly off.

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