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A little rant. ...Might delete later.

It's really late right now. Well, not really late. 11:23pm. And I want to message him, so I figure I'll write another post here instead.

I'm just irritated that he seemed to check out at the end of the relationship. I hate that feeling of not being heard. I just want to continue explaining my point, over and over again. Pounding it into his head... because it's all so silly. We are breaking up because he was unresponsive throughout the relationship. All he had to do to make it work was respond.

When I miss you, call me or answer the phone.
When I'm sad, say something reassuring or hold me.
When I'm looking beautiful, tell me that I am... take me to dinner, show me off in some way that I know you're proud.

Just little things. Simple things.

I feel depleted. I emotionally starved myself by staying in an ungiving relationship too long.

And omg, am I tired of talking about it... but right now it's the only thing that helps.

Mute my account if you need to. I would. Lol.

Hopefully I'm feeling more on the upside tomorrow.
dontbekoi36-40, F
Honestly, rant all you want. We have all been in your position .. .. .. and it sucks.

What I would like to express to you -- from experience -- is that a lot of your emotions/feelings may have nothing to do with [i]him[/i]? He is who he is. And why would you want someone in your life who is not providing you with what you need? You don't. 馃檪

I think (and this is merely opinion) what you are feeling may be disappointment [i]in yourself [/i]for putting faith into someone who disappointed you. The more you reach out and attempt to help him understand ... the worse it gets. It's a yucky feeling.

You might try (and this is difficult) to flip the scenario in your head. Instead of helping him understand put the work into your self preservation. Take care of you. After a day or two you will no longer feel the need to iron things out. If he wants to leave the relationship messy, fine. Walk away knowing you did everything in your power to salvage things.

PS If an individual wants you, they will do anything in their power to be with you. You do not deserve to beg, plead or lower your standards for anyone. Meditate on his well being and have faith that your good heart will attract like minded individuals. 鉂わ笍 馃
ineedadrink51-55, M
If ranting here helps, then keep at it. Hope you get through this soon-ish.
It's ok to vent. Sometimes you need to just get it out of your system by saying it.

I can relate, because I went through similar problems once. I concluded, if my partner was unresponsive, it's because he's just not into me -- maybe bored, maybe into someone or something else. Sometimes there's nothing left in a relationship to be saved, especially when the other person just doesn't care.
You never need to explain yourself, especially to him. It is his tragic loss and you are the better person because of it. Allow someone else to love you as you are. Just be glad he will realize his Karma
Queendragonfly31-35, F
He sound like an emotional disconnected type. They can't give anyone anything. And you can't change it either so I'm glad you realized it's dead end. Now you're free 鉂わ笍
Hugs to you 馃 You deserve better 馃挄
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