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Caring sucks on SW

You know you have a caring heart and sometimes you genuinely care for others for SW and show them you care especially during tough times.

But it hurts when they do not appreciate this.
Feeling disappointed.

LilPrincess41-45, F
I can tell when someone cares and when they don't. Personally I tend to keep people at a distance because I get tired of being hurt. I do appreciate it when its real and honest but sometimes its hard for me to see the difference 馃様
scorpiolovedeep46-50, M
Sorry to hear.
I can understand your experiences here.
Stay positive.


LilPrincess41-45, F
@scorpiolovedeep thank ya.

Hopefully things get better and that feeling goes away
KingofBones146-50, M
I get it.
@KingofBones1 I get it, im sorry. x
KingofBones146-50, M
@MyMonstersAreReal it's ok. And thank you for noticing
@KingofBones1 of course, if you ever need to talk feel free to message me x
I am sorry to hear that. There are some wonderful caring people here, but then there are those poeple that are here just to shoot the shit, or hurt others. You have to find your group of people and stick to the. I have met some wonderful people who have been with me through my darkest times, and sometimes things are so bad, I never thank the people who are there during those times but I do appreciate it. Depression can take a lot out of someone leaving them completely drained and not able to show the appreciation but I hope those who know me by now, know that I appreciate it greatly. Don't change who you are because some people can't be vulnerable with their feelings. Its a reflection of them, not you.
Yep. You try to show you care and they think you have some motive. Or if you try to make them smile, they say something like ... "I don't need YOU to make me happy".

After a while you just 馃枙馃徑. Who needs it?
Understandable that you鈥檇 feel hurt. Probably best to remain caring but not set your expectations too high. And to also remember that there are cases where those tough times can leave a person emotionally drained and not always able to show the appreciation we鈥檇 like.
scorpiolovedeep46-50, M
KingofBones146-50, M
I've had my heart broken by a couple women here. I don't expect anything anymore
scorpiolovedeep46-50, M
Sorry to hear.
I hope you will find someone who truly values you.

KingofBones146-50, M
@scorpiolovedeep Thank you my friend and you as well
uncalled456-60, M
I just avoid those people, and stay with the ones who get it. There are people here whose value is beyond measure, and others I wouldn't give you a nickel for.
scorpiolovedeep46-50, M
Very true. It all depends on the worth.@uncalled4
GuiltyBiStander31-35, F

So much more fun when you don't 鉁岋笍
iamonfire69641-45, F
Sorry to hear you have been hurt 馃┓
scorpiolovedeep46-50, M
Thank you for kind words@iamonfire696
iamonfire69641-45, F
@scorpiolovedeep You鈥檙e welcome 馃┓

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