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I Am Disgusted At Humanity

My next door neighbor holds one side of his nose with his finger and blows all the snot out into the parking lot and our front steps, then does the other nostel as he is walking to and from his front door.

WTF is wrong with people?

How do I tell this asshole off without making him do it out of spite on purpose even more?
Frank52 · 70-79, M
That is disgusting and I'm not sure shaming will have any effect other than to antagonise him. He clearly doesn't care about what anyone else thinks. In the UK there are now laws which have seen people in court today for spitting and other vile assaults on the emergency services.
Earthwrap · 41-45, M
@Frank52 Yeah too bad I'm not in Singapore, I could have this guy thrown in prison. I'm not for taking away freedoms but assholes like this ruin it for everyone.
Earthwrap · 41-45, M
This is also a guy who I watched when I was leaving one day, dump his vaccume cleaner out on his front deck. NOT clean it up, and track it all back into his house over the next several days.

Why do I get stuck living next to the lowest life forms on the planet?
MaryJanine · 61-69, F
@Earthwrap This is the kind of person who, if he doesn't start a widespread illness, contributes to it. Go to your local police station and ask who and where you can talk to someone about this public indecency. Don't be cursing or threatening. With this widespread virus and people shut up indoors, the police should let you swear out some kind of a warrant to put a stop to this.
Earthwrap · 41-45, M
@MaryJanine I actually sent a message to the PD online and they ignored me.
I finally confronted him.
That is beyond lowclass and disgusting.
Earthwrap · 41-45, M
Here is a video of him taking the reccyling out earlier. If you turn the volume all the way up you can hear his nasty caugh and spit right to the tree where I park as he walks.
@Earthwrap yuck.. yeah I heard it. Didn’t even cover his mouth. Wtf is wrong with people?
Fucking nasty. I saw a man do that once when I worked at a hotel. I don’t give 2 shits, I told him it was gross and to be considerate of the other guests. Mind you he did it near the bar/restaurant area.
Earthwrap · 41-45, M
He didn't do it the past 4 days while his fiance was home and now that she is back to work he returns to his gross habbits. I hope to see this marriage fall apart faster than average. It doesn't hurt that they just bought at the height of this housing bubble. He is now out of work and she has a history of living check to check.

I'm still trying to catch him so I can say something but he moves to quickly in and out of his house.
MaryJanine · 61-69, F
Offer him a Kleenex next time you see him do it.
Earthwrap · 41-45, M
I'm just going to have to say something and try to be nice about it.
"Could you please not blow your nose out into the air next to our cars, where we park, where we walk, or on our front door?"

it sounds ridiculous just saying it.

We are stuck with these people. They just bought the place next door to us wall to wall and we can't move.
It’s called a snot rocket. Not everyone has that kind of gift.
@Earthwrap True. I feel that way about getting out of my car in a parking lot and seeing a big slimy wad of chew.
Chickie · F
@Pinkstarburst you're gross
@Chickie Naw. Just keeping it real. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Earthwrap · 41-45, M
Maybe I can film him and put it online with his full name to share with the world.

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