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Does honesty have any merit in this era or is everyone just fake af and i wasnt informed?

AFlowerGirl · 26-30, F
Nobody likes the truth anymore
I'm beginning to wonder what it's worth myself, when I see that if people are real with others, they get mocked and bullied. And yet everyone complains about fakes... It's too ironic.
GuyWithOpinions · 31-35, M
@SW-User i agree. Heres an example. i was explaining to a guy i work with one time that i dont drink and now theres rumors that im an alcoholic.

I was once accused of stealing and i proved that im not a thief by keeping every recipt i have. Now they watch me just incase 🙄
@GuyWithOpinions Sad to say, it sounds somewhat familiar. I didn't drink at all in the days when I was working, and consequently, I wasn't going to win any popularity contest with the bar hopping crowd, and that was pretty much all the single people. There was so much bullying in the office, it was worse than grade school.
Magenta · F
Social media era.

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