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Not interested in wrinkly old codgers 馃槀

I've never been one for older men. When I was 19 I dated a 35 year old. Never again.
If and when I do decide I'd like, or want to find someone to share my life with, they'd probably be no more than five years older than me.
Up to ten years younger maybe 馃馃槀

Younger men tend to be more fun in my experience.

Hi cutie
@ExtremeNext When a 35 year old fully shaves.
originnone61-69, M
It's good to see you're aware of your taste and know what you like so you can pursue it.... and that you can still insult people while expressing it.
My wife is 12 years younger than me but I couldn鈥檛 see being with anyone younger than her because we鈥檇 have nothing in common. She鈥檚 older than the half my age add seven, though. So I guess that鈥檚 good.
I always preferred older men when I was young. Not so much anymore 馃き
@MsSwan Ouija board鈥攗sed to contact the deceased.
(poor attempt at humor)
@bijouxbroussard Oh shit 馃槀 Good one
DrWatson70-79, M
@bijouxbroussard Now I'm imagining an ouija board saying S-E-N-D -N-U-D-E-S! 馃槀
BackyardShaman61-69, M
馃槀馃槀 I can鈥檛 blame you for not desiring wrinkly old codger. As an older male with smooth skin I date within my own age group too.
Sleepysheep26-30, M
Wait this is the reason Mr. Disgusted made that MEAN ass post about you?!

I hope you two work things out!
Sleepysheep26-30, M
@Purplerain78 I honestly thought you guys were friends and joking, speaking to a woman like that isn鈥檛 an outburst.

The fact that this was totally random is even worse, I think he may have had feeling for you but when you didn鈥檛 reciprocate the same emotions he got VILE!

I don鈥檛 even wanna hear 鈥渢hat鈥檚 how they talked back than鈥 because since the DAWN of time man has always understood 鈥淪HOP TALK鈥.

Unless you鈥檙e married to the person I know married couples say some twisted shit to eachother.

I know if my dad see me speak like that IN FRONT OF A LADY, let alone TO A LADY. I鈥檇 be in the obituaries next day.

My mama however would KILL ME, resuscitate me so she could KILL MY ASS AGAIN! 馃ぃ馃槀

If by some miracle I survived my parents than my brothers and sisters, nephews nieces, HELL EVEN THE DAMN DOG, would be there to finish me off! 馃ぃ馃槀
This message was deleted by its author.
Sleepysheep26-30, M
@SandWitch lol yeah I seen that too and that鈥檚 what brought me here for the tea! 馃ぃ
Torsten36-40, M
damn dated a 35 year old when 19?
I am 36 and i cant even imagine dating a 19 year old now. Nah i can only ever date someone close to my age
Disgustedman61-69, M
Well I hate to tell you hun but at your age nobody is interested in sagging boobs or sagging butts and that goes both ways.
Disgustedman61-69, M
@Purplerain78 well it just shows that I'm young at heart and you're just a droopy old lady. Take care droopy.....
Purplerain7841-45, F
@Disgustedman If that's your true age you're older than me. Inclined to think you're just a child. Bye now.
Disgustedman61-69, M
@Purplerain78 Of course I'm older than you not some butt hurt little whiny brat. take care of Droopy....
This is fair, you are attracted to who you are attracted to. I hope i am around in another 20 yrs and hear your take on this at that time. 馃檪
It is very normal for middle aged women to prefer men in their 20s here.
You aren鈥檛 alone.
That's weird usually women like them older
romell51-55, M
Perception s like ...
I love old men. Daddy AF.
Unquestioned70-79, M
Yeah, I am sure they are more mature than you can handle. Cradle snatcher.
Purplerain7841-45, F
@Unquestioned Cradle snatcher? Bit extreme. Few years younger is hardly that;
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That鈥檚 okay.
HotPizza7151-55, M
You fall in love with the person,age generally doesn't matter,and it's usually with someone near to your own age anyway
Purplerain7841-45, F
@HotPizza71 I personally wouldn't go for anyone older though. Some women appear to be attracted to men loads older than them. If they're old enough to be my dad it's off putting to say the least. I've always dated men either my age or younger.
HotPizza7151-55, M
@Purplerain78 it's just a sexual fantasy, comfort blanket or a money thing I think with these youngsters.Not many could sustain a long term relationship..
Purplerain7841-45, F
@HotPizza71 No doubt.

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