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When people sneer at free food.

I live in an area with other people who live in their vehicles or RVs. About half or so cannot work or are physically disabled. We have Charities come by and hand out free lunches or free food.

One charity does really basic food. It's rice chicken and a vegetable sometimes broccoli sometimes corn. Most of the people take it and are happy but some people are thinking for some reason that they should have Guy Fieri cooking the food.

It's surprising to me that they would think "Well we need epicurean cuisine" when it's basic food and you should be thankful for it, if not don't be complaining about it cuz you don't eat it.

Sigh......rant over. Today, chicken (salty which I like) rice and corn. I added soy sauce. Nice small lunch.
They aren't really hungry or being critical of the food is their mask for the shame they feel for needing it.
@SW-User That has the ring of truth.
MarineBob · 56-60, M
I don't mind helping others or the local food bank, tell me what you need and it'll be gotten but refuse to donate cash
dude, I feel ya
and am sorry you are having such circumstances
fire destroyed many homes where i was living
and SO i had some first hand expereince with
Car camp life

now ,, I am the guy that brings food sometime
smiler2012 · 56-60
{@disgustedman ] 😞yes you are right they should not bite the hand that feeds them [no pun intended] they should be grateful there are still good samaratians
Kae20 · 56-60, FVIP
It's a sad day when folk do not count their blessings.

🤷I'm assuming the alternative is to be hungry
Lostpoet · M
I got a free pizza the other day and today there was pasta salad discounted to only two dollars.
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