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When you're having trouble sleeping what do you do?

Count sheep jumping across an imaginary field as you're looking at your eyelids?

You're in a twenty-four hour city so you count the cars, buses, sirens?

You have a technique: you take a combination of things to help you feel drowsy. Kalms from the health shop, a glass of water, something else?

There's nothing worst than wasting half the night trying to sleep, and the other half hardly feel enough sleep to really recharge your batteries!
pentacorn · F
i read. it usually puts me to sleep if i read in very dim light.
Some soothing music and meditation.if not exhaust your body in someway
I have learned to get out of bed and do something. One must train oneself to equate a bed with sleep and not being awake.
I think of imaginary numbers and stats and try to make sense of them. It usually works pretty fast.
Anita21NYM · 18-21, F
If you have a special someone ask for a back rub. whenever I give one the person says ill put them to sleep!
Benjr134 · 36-40, M
I have to take melatonin. If it’s worse I take sleeping pills. I do other stuff as well.
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
I have insomnia. My psychiatrist prescribed me oxazepam to take every night.
MrAverage1965 · 61-69, M
It rarely happens, but I usually have a cup of tea and chat on line for a while.
nevergiveup · 61-69, M
Watch porn and have a good play. I always fall asleep after

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