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What moves you and what sickens you?

There are things that spark emotions, and things that animate our disgust and hatred, what are your boundaries?
Honestly? given how much I admire the opposite sex Misogyny is gross I dislike bigotry in general but there's an special soft spot for women. Not all bigoties are equally despised even though I hate them all I'm a rainbow of inclusion but I hate misogyny the most. my disdain for prejudice is especially potent about prejudice against women.
Lust4Life · 22-25, F
[@10406,BetweenKittensandRiots] Me too! You see it everywhere, it's deep ingrained in the very way many behave. But are they including their mother in the attitude, is it because of her they have the attitude?? Or is it really men are from Mars and women from Venus?
[@1204745,Lust4Life] IDK Like what I believe is that there's likely inherent biologically driven differences between the way both sexes think and feel but I wonder if we as a society through our policing of gender roles have a way of exagerating the gap?

We tend to think of women as more sensitive and boys as insensitive but sometimes I think it's more just that we tell boys to suppress and be stoic. I think we actually could outdo our female counterparts and be the more sensitive ones and social programming just tells us to bury it all.

I guess what i'm saying is just that I think we impose a widening of the gap between men and women through our gender policing.. I suspect we're more alike than we realize.
Allelse · 31-35, M
Animal cruelty sickens me and I am moved by acts of compassion and consideration.

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