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Instead of Shutting People Up Who Have Less Problems Than You...

Why not just talk about your own? I feel like people are jealous that I speak honestly, whether it's males or boomers or whatever. Like they assume they have bigger issues they were forced to shut up about so don't want to listen to anyone else. Instead of being honest themselves, they contribute to the problem. That's what it seems like anyway.
message to all humans..

everyones on the edge.
be kind or be quiet 😇
Nice dude 😌😎@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout
And then a few posts later you shut people up. The logic is very congruent.
Yeah I’ve experienced that same thing around narcs … if it ain’t about them forget it !

It isn’t you.

Keep going 😘
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WhyThooo · 31-35
@OlderSometimesWiser As they should until humans can not be trash as a whole.

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