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how can i connect with people in society

[c=004A59][i]like i go swimming at the gym a couple times a week and at times i see some really nice girls swimming in my lane, like i did today, there was some nice slightly chubby pale girl swimming in my lane...i had my snorkel on and just ignored her and continued to do my laps....but i desperately wanted to talk to her or say hello...but i didn't know if it would of been the right thing? i am very reserved and shy and quiet no interaction i'm afraid of rejection too.

i have no adult relationships or support system as i have dealt with mental problems all my adult life and just found it had to mix or interact with people.[/i][/c]
Fuzzle · 46-50 Best Comment
Unfortunately, part of connecting with people is accepting that we might be rejected.

twiigss · M
That would have been the perfect time to say, hello, I'm Mark, and go from there. If she says hello back then make small talk. If she says nothing or says she doesn't want to talk, then okay at least you tried.

The worst thing they can say is no. The world isn't going to end because of a no. Nothing bad is going to happen. A no is just a no. But in my experience saying hello is generally welcomed.

And something like saying hello and having a conversation is great for helping boost confidence.

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