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tell me a lesson you've learned this year

this year first months life taught me a precious lesson which is to slow down and respect the science of routine and building habits.
it took me almost 5 years to learn this lesson as i always got lost in procrastination and not knowing exactly what i want to do and why i'm doing it.

tell us a lesson you've learnt so far in this year.

p.s. picture of sea in my city.
Most things are not worth stressing over. I gotta bring back my detachment game with everyone irl and online.
Dumbman · 36-40
@mindstruggle what is detachment game?
Fairydust · F
That my childhood issues needed addressing.
Healing from them ❤️‍🩹
Who your real friends are.
WhateverWorks · 36-40
The ol’, “Whoever you hang out with most influences how you live and however your life turns out, so choose wisely.”
I learned that just because someone says they love you, doesn’t mean they do.
@DarkHeaven Don’t we all know that.

Love involves being there for someone, sharing.
summalovin · 18-21, F
to stay true to what i believe and keep my values in place
That if you don’t stand on the foundation of truth, you’ll fall. I’ve always been very good at making excuses like not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings; and now realize I wasn’t doing them any favors. The truth is the kindness, and nice words or agreeableness can harm in the long run.
Bleak · 36-40, F
Worrying too much can never be a solution to any problem.
Khenpal1 · M
not to buy oils in Cairo 😁
Hamed2218 · 22-25, M
@Khenpal1 did you buy them online, from a pharmacy or from a herbal shop?
Khenpal1 · M
@Hamed2218 shop
Hamed2218 · 22-25, M
@Khenpal1 i'm sorry you didn't have the experience you deserve

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