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How do we discourage capitalism from destroying our ecosystem?

Furthermore do black lives matter? Does my Haitian life matter?
Actually it's the capitalists who are shifting faster towards lowering their carbon footprint than government.
They've already learned that consumers will buy products that are ecologically less or non damaging, and that investing in renewable power and infrastructure pays big bucks.
However, I think if we reversed deregulation of money it would go a long way towards creating better financial responsibility.
Perhaps we could put higher taxes on businesses that generate greenhouse gases and pollution.
Definitely we should end forestry in all old growth forests, and make sure swamps, estuaries and wetlands are protected - not let businesses mine, develop or exploit them.
I'm sure there are many measures we could introduce; all aimed at rewarding the good and discouraging the bad.
@Abstraction Yep - Aust govt lagging far behind. We will all end up paying for it.
Hard plastics can be turned into swamp proof fence posts, public park benches and tables, flooring, decking and numerous other items. States which provide ten cents per clean item at collection points have been far more successful at recycling.
For most people cleaning food containers is too much trouble. But metals are smelted from ores, so I'm sure someone could invent a way of either smelting out impurities or making use of them.

Soft plastics need to be sorted into their separate kinds - which means we need a computerised scanning and sorting process. Nylon can be recycled as nylon, polyester as polyester and so on.
Already there are fashion houses selling recycled plastics as raincoats, horse rugs, bags, shoes, high-vis workwear, shade sails, yachting sails and numerous other items.
Personally, I prefer wearing fabrics made from linen or hemp, and wool in winter. I don't like the fact that artificial fabrics exude carcinogenic vapours. We can't smell them, but there is a strong uptick in cancers for people who wear them a lot.

I agree with you about [i]reduce[/i] as the first practice for bringing down global warming.
I also agree that capitalism is based on profits. And conservative governments are more prone to be pro-business than liberal or leftish ones.
But we don't have to look back far in history to see where capitalism took off and went mad; it coincided with deregulation of the monetary system.

I recognise that, once let go, it's hard to put the genie back in the bottle.
But I do think we could use legislation to slowly rein capitalism in.
The big corporations could survive easily on only 3% profit , just enough - after wages, expenses and taxes - to invest in research and development.
The ideas I suggested above have already been proven successful in various parts of the world.
If each country studied the environmental successes and failures of all the others, governments would soon realise what works and be able to use it to convince their businesses at home.

Another option would be to make all forms of donations to parties or political candidates illegal.
Instead, grant exactly the same amount of money to each candidate who can show a specific number of voters who agree they would vote for him or her. Each campaign gets the same amount, enough to fund the candidate's credentials, policies, public debates, and counter arguments.
That way citizens vote for the candidate and the policies, not who can throw the most ads or pay the most bribes.

Yet another option is to change the tax system to the same as Germany's.
Half a person's taxes go straight to the government. The other half goes by percentages to the govt services that the citizen decides.
Profoundly democratic.
This is how Germany became the first in Europe to get rid of acid rain, and the first to start converting to renewable energy. They are far further ahead in greening their country and economy that any other OECD country.
@hartfire Give me all the all examples you want but 80% percent of plastics reclycable are not recycled. It was a means to sell goods for years, and I don't doubt the ingenuity of capitalism (at all, pretty much expressed in my words) I don't mistake it as a means to an end. So convince me when we ask for more than ever, induced by asking for things we don't need, while corporations sell we will save you, while selling you empty promises for profit.

It's really about selling a world nobody asked, but is sold in asking for. I say culture has more ingenuity than this and this only comes from profit looking for gain. That's what got us here, believing blindly in abundance, and the naivety, ignore we rule the world; no matter how you look upon our inventions *last minute*. So try to sell me on economic structures of the world, who ignore the world, go ahead.

And you never answered how does this work in countries that are not affluent? (Ie. Haitian). I noticed no one talks upon this, yet it's in the original question, why to push forward some system, that systemically discriminates? Great system. That's rehashing old class systems, but they are in some people eyes, things that just exist.

So solve that salvo for me, where we ask for more than ever we need, and capitalism gives that need, by design.
Penny · 46-50, F
spend less on trivial or environmentally damaging things. just dont buy them and recycle manufactured goods as much as possible. drive less, or group trips to conserve gas. andof course black lives matter. a least to me. a black man once saved my life by throwing his arm out and preventing me from walking right in front of a speeding taxi. i am grateful and will never forget that. many black people are our caregivers in health institutions, workers in necessary employments, friends and acquaintances and such. of course black lives matter. even just a friendly smile from someone or word of encouragement can make a difference.
Yes, black lives matter greatly.
Yes, you life in Haiti matters.

Please tell us what is going on in Haiti just now?
How is it affecting you?
What prompted your questions?

Some capitalist countries are already transitioning to greener or fully green technologies and product. This is because it not only attracts business, it is also less costly and more profitable. The trend is accelerating.

The biggest problems now lie in the laggardly behaviour of governments.
They could easily apply both sticks and carrots.

1. Don't rely on a company's own environmental impact statements.
2. Properly fund environmental agencies who determine whether a project can go ahead.
3. Monitor - Random survey checks, without prior notice, for all projects; such down until they can organise and prove compliance.
4. Court cases, heavy fines, big publicity and public opprobrium for those who break the law. Heavy enough to make a major dent in profits and cause the share prices to fall.

1. Tax deductions on expenses which (are proven to) protect the environment.
2. Tax breaks for companies researching and developing manufacture of environmentally responsible products.
3. Removal of all taxes on electric cars and tools.
4. Mandatory electric charging stations at all fuel (gas) stations - charged by the sun and mega-large Tesla lithium batteries. Or salt batteries once they've been developed.

We consumers can help too:
- buy environmentally beneficial or harmless products,
- buy second hand, choose natural fabrics and fibres
- don't buy more than we need,
- reuse and recycle everything,
- grow our own veggies,
- eat less flesh - 100 g / 3.6 oz protein p. day is ample for most needs
- go vegetarian or eat grass fed meat, boycott factory farmed
- install solar or reverse-cycle water heating, and solar voltaic electricity
- go off grid with large batteries as soon as affordable,
collectively invest in energy sharing - works v. well in Indian villages
- walk, cycle, take public transport or carpool as much as possible
- take care to protect the local habitat of native animals
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
Simple: Make environmental degradation of all kinds unprofitable. Whether through taxation, of negative media attention, or governments being forced to deal only with ethical companies for contracting and supplies. Of course, that means costs go up..😷
Subsumedpat · 36-40, M
Productive lives matter, innocents who cause no harm matter, these things regardless of color, the rest are just something to fill graves with.
Dv8rs · 18-21, F
By figuring out who is destroying the ecosystem, and stopping them from continuing. There are more of us, than there are of them.

No life matters, especially those who refuse to be good, decent people, to themselves, as well as others.
We take over, using our government, and run the economy as a democracy, unseating the current ownership.
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
@Roundandroundwego "Run the economy as a democracy" is meaningless word salad..😷
@whowasthatmaskedman it's not your cup of tea. NATO ruled through mighty might. Nobody can discuss democracy. It's a werd salad to the Americans. They're fatal. Unless we get that off the map, no future for democracy. Booooom. Europe salad! You win.
specman · 51-55, M
specman · 51-55, M
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@specman Noooo thank youuuu
specman · 51-55, M
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Your chest dosent matter
Catzgano · 31-35, F
It’s too late. No lives matter
empanadas · 31-35, M
God bless Communism

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