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Does your age define you..

Does your age define who you are . the clothes you wear .how you you worry how people see you .
Torsten · 36-40, M
hmm I think you certainly get wiser as you get older (well most of us anyway).
When younger you think you know everything and are invincible, as you get older you realize just how much you actually have to learn and know you are so far from being invincible.

As far as clothes i wear, I guess that has changed as i got older. I used to wear jeans and band shirts all the time. Now i wear jeans and plain t shirts. Not much of a change but still a change.
I have never really cared how people see me though. That hasnt changed
Raaii · 22-25, F
people see me as they please
I can't control
age is a number but we really grow with time
Being more mature
It doesn't have much to do with age but age is always there like a reminder
I don't dress like insane
I act sane
And at the end I can only worry
I can't change how others think of me so I shouldn't worry
fun4us2b · M
No not really - I have always tried to stay current and up to date with everything...I like some nostalgia now and then, but it's not my future...
I feel much younger than I am biologically.
And it shows that way in how I express myself.
Except for the way I write - lol. I can't do to English what happens these days.
skybubble20 · 56-60, F
Age doesn’t define me.
How I think, perceive and feel about the world and something could define me perhaps.
I feel much older than I am

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