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Maybe the news today is going to get people to vote more energetically.

If you don’t like the nonsense going on right now, [b]vote[/b] - deny the people who did this any kind of real authority ever again. It’s down to you.
BlueVeins · 22-25
Sad thing is that no matter what we do, we're gonna have to wait for 2 Supreme Court justices to die. :\ Fixing this predicament is gonna take FOREVER.
BlueVeins · 22-25
@CakeByTheOcean Yeah, it was devised in the late 1700s, the design is certainly flawed. The Supreme Court is an extremely powerful and unaccountable organization... there are certainly limits to their power, but those limits only go so far as the edge of the Overton Window.
G00GLE · 22-25, M
@BlueVeins Just send them back to school and give it a week or two.
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ShadowWolf · 31-35, M
That isn't how the US works thankfully. Court Judges are appointed by presidents. And are in for life.
ShadowWolf · 31-35, M
@CakeByTheOcean Lol... which one?
Fluffybull · F
@CakeByTheOcean 👏👏❤️
chrisCA · M
@ShadowWolf Yes, and every Native American and African slave thanked you for that.
Freeranger · M
Well.....one can be part of a mob, light a torch and join other mobsters in throwing their torches or....perhaps one's torch shines brighter by doing rational, responsible things.

When you include words such as "nonsense" and "real authority"....you've already lit the torch toward mob rule....
IF you're willing to proceed with attempting a scorched earth approach and policy, this would be one's end. If not, then you're willing to find a common ground and understanding.

Those with a soul and a brain will always seek a solution. Those with neither will be looking for matches.
It shouldn’t take a mistake like overturning roe for people to get out and vote though.
CakeByTheOcean · 26-30, F
@MsAnnThropy Very true but it gives something for people to consider at the ballot all the same.
I never really believed voting worked. I think it’s rigged. I am not opposed to burning down the houses of the people of the Supreme Court. Or pulling our money to hire a hit.
Ryannnnnn · 31-35, M
I can't tell if this is about abortion in the US or every single day of Boris Johnson in the UK 😬
vetguy1991 · 51-55, M
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