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The potential hazards of excessive alcohol consumption

Driving to work yesterday morning at 3.30am I came across a possible fatal situation.
I stopped at the red traffic light, the through road is the main road and as such is always green, until activated by a vehicle wanting to pass through.
This intersection is on a crest, that is, the main road. Approaching the lights on the main road there is a steep incline. So much so that the road on the other side of the crest can not be seen until atop the rise.
The scene has been set.
As I stop for the red light, to my left I see two people sitting in the middle of the road, on the side that through traffic would utilise.
Now, being always green, the vehicles go through this intersection at the legal speed of 60kpm, 37mph.
If a vehicle had gone through that intersection with a green light then they would have run over those two people sitting in the middle of the road.
There would be no time to react, as the distance was about 15 metres, 16 yards.
The driver would have more likely that not be charged with involuntary manslaughter?
My coming by at that time could have saved their lives, because they very unsteadily rose from the road and moved to the side of the road
AthrillatheHunt · 51-55, M
Alcohol has ruined so many lives man. So how drunk were you ? (Jk lol)
Sapio · 51-55, M
Sometimes people don't think. They should thank their lucky stars you showed up.
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