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Why are people so helpless? 馃槗

I made a post this morning about a gas leak. We fixed it so it's all fine, but I literally still get comments that fire departments need to be contacted and what not. I never thought about it when I lived in Denmark, because nothing ever broke lol. In Ukraine we live in old soviet buildings, so naturally, everything breaks all the time, so it's beyond ridiculous to call a fire department whenever someone has a gas leak. The valve was what was leaking, so we just needed to buy and install a new one. The reason we add a smell to gas is so that we notice it. When something explodes, it's usually because no one's home in the apartment for days. It's not hard to install a new valve, the fact that even men in modern countries panic and call authorities over something small like this baffles me. It literally takes 10 minutes to do, it's very easy, and I assume you people also have gas meters, so you can check if the leak has stopped or not. Everyone needs to calm down, and also maybe learn how to do basic repairs?
[i][c=BF0080]I can show you exactly why privately! I know 2 families who lost their homes and almost their lives. A 5 year old boy has 50% of his body covered in burns. That was with a warning to get out. [/c][/i]
@SW-User [i][c=BF0080]That鈥檚 insane!

We don鈥檛 have gas meters where I am and generally it鈥檚 condos, it can travel a crazy amount if something blew. Whenever there鈥檚 a gas smell here or reason to believe a gas leak, the fire dept has to be here and if it is in the air, they seal it off and make the whole strip leave the home till it cleared and safe. Then they say only a licensed (plumber I think it is) can work on it. The gas leaks here are from the stoves. My place had one long ago and it was not fun 馃槀 I think it was the stove damaged though that might鈥檝e caused it. [/c][/i]
@MellyMel22 I think it's weird that not all apartments or condos (not sure what the difference is) have gas meters. It kind of forces you to waste money on things you can easily do yourself, but then again I assume it's actually rare for you guys to have gas leaks in the first place.

I think what throws people off when they see my post, is that I challanged their belief in authority. They think that if the fire department has been called, an accident can't happen. They think if the plumber screws on the valve, it can't break. It's akin to how we think our parents can do anything while we're children, but as we grow up, we learn that they are not super humans. The plumber do in fact not cast a magic spell of eternal safety upon the valve when he screw it on. Perhaps it frightens people to realize that a mortal piece of metal is all which keeps the gas out of their homes. Perhaps it frightens people to realize that the illusion of safety, is just an illusion. By having a "qualified" person do something that everyone is actually qualified to do, they stay out of harms way within their imagination.
@SW-User [i][c=BF0080]I def get what you鈥檙e saying, but having children I feel safer having someone who does it often do it. So for me, I can deal with it. [/c][/i]
itsok31-35, F

It may be because we鈥檙e told to contact emergency services or the gas company.
lumberjackslam41-45, M
@SW-User probably because it's true 馃槅
itsok31-35, F
@SW-User yeah that makes sense. If you had to deal with it regularly and knew what to do and what is and isn鈥檛 safe, I understand dealing with it on your own. I鈥檓 guessing the people who made the comments aren鈥檛 as familiar with gas leaks as you鈥檝e had to be
@itsok It's very easy to do, you just put the stuff to make a seal and screw it on. No experience needed.
It's great that you're so knowledgeable and handy, but not everyone is. We're not encouraged to fix things that can potentially be hazardous. There's a lot of idiots that don't know what they're doing and it's better to have professionals look at it.

Better safe than sorry.
@MsSwan Well the guy we bought the valve from told us haha. I also looked up a video to see how they sealed it, but it was just putting some stuff there. We use this weird sort of hair, and some sticky substance. The guy we bought the valve from also gave us a bit of that hair for free, since we needed so little. Like we're not even talking about fixing some old rusty valve, just buying a new one, so yeah. 馃槄
@SW-User Hair??? wtf
@MsSwan It's called something like "old lady's hair" lmao, I have no idea what it's called in English! 馃ぃ
Sleepysheep26-30, M
Lol take a good look gentlemen, she鈥檚 got bigger nuts than most of us!馃崚

Yet I don鈥檛 believe we get pats on the head for fixing valves we get told 鈥渁bout damn time鈥 and given a list of more shit to fix! 馃ぃ

That鈥檚 crazy though I鈥檇 just do what you did and pretended like I called to shut em all up. But I鈥檇 not actually call it鈥檚 a leaky valve not a nuclear reactor! 馃槀

Anyway good job on fixing it I bet it smells a lot better now! 馃槑
CestManan46-50, F
There are a lot of dumb people who cannot do much of anything for themselves. There really are people who have so little mechanical knowledge that replacing a valve seems like rocket science.

I can kind of understand why someone would not be comfortable trying to find and fix a gas leak but most other basic things would be worth a go.

One motivation for learning basic home repairs is it will save a lot of time and money instead of calling a repair tech.
@CestManan Yeah like there's no reason to pay someone to screw on a piece of metal. Chances are if you live in Ukraine, one of your pipes are leaking a bit all the time. I feel like it's been made up to be this scary shadow monster in people's mind, after reading some of the comments, when really no one can hinder an accident from happening. Whether I screw it on or someone else does, doesn't matter. We both have hands. It's just important to sometimes turn your gas off for say 30 minutes and then see if the numbers on the meter have moved or not. That's really all anyone can do. My building could also get hit by a rocket tonight, the knowledge that life will end one day and can end at any time is part of life.
CestManan46-50, F
@SW-User The gas company would have probably charged $300 to replace a $15 part (in US money anyways)

Like I said though, some people are not smart enough to figure out or even investigate how to do minor repairs. Even though there are countless videos (and unfortunately commercials) on youtube.

Major jobs often require professionals but one should try to easier and less expensive options first.
@CestManan Like I said to someone else in the comments, many people here act as if gas spontaneously combust lmao! [c=666666][i]"It's too dangerous if I try to fix it and fail"[/i][/c] but so what, just try again or call someone then? We're talking about something as simple as making a square shape out of lego anyways, but the fear surrounding gas is shocking to me. I don't understand how people who say: [c=666666][i]"I wouldn't know how to do it, why spend one minute to learn when I can pay someone instead"[/i][/c] have better jobs than me.
[quote]even men in modern countries panic and call authorities over something small [/quote]
Because most of them were raised by man hating feminist single mothers who taught them to be sensitive and feminine instead of efficient and dependable.
They are easily identified by their man bun and skinny pants.
@LoneVoice In Ukraine, mostly only men do repairs. I expect that in a modern country, both men and women should know how to do basic repairs, and not panic and call the fire brigade lol.
lumberjackslam41-45, M
but they're probably worried that there may still be a leak. I would double check that you don't need a gas detector, like carbon monoxide alarm. I have one sitting in a box here.
@lumberjackslam I mean we can just see it on the gas meter anyways. To locate the leak, if you don't have tools for it, you can actually just use soapy water. If there's a leak it will make bubbles.

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