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The gall ... the invalid commentary

I already avoid the local post office for some years now because the woman behind the counter is so extra to me. It's sickening and infuriating. But the other day the delivery driver came over and refused to hand over the package till she threw an ugly fit at me and then she asks "do you speak english?"

Omg i can't with these people. What the hell is their problem?

The nerve! What are you some sorta racist that you think i cant speak english or some shit? I know some people think i look native or hispanic but my mother is asian from an island country on the other side of the world.. and 99% of the people there speak english in addition to their native language.. furthermore my grandmother there was an english professor at a university..

So your "do you speak english" is just insulting and bitchy.. maybe not to normally ask that but the way you say it in your bitchy hateful tone is just rude and condescending and offensive along with your rude lil rant.

Furthermore I'm pretty sure i have talked to you before multiple times .. so what the hell is this "do you speak english" shit.. the hell

What a bitch. The nerve. The gall.. the.. ugh 😒

I'm not surprised that the postal service lost 8b $ with employees like that from hell.. not to mention someone had been ripping open my mail and stealing my packages.. one woman even had the nerve to deliver an empty mailing packet without it's contents.

What the hell is going on?

Bleh gah
some ppl dont belong in customer service.

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