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Retirement Nightmare: Half Of All Seniors Will Face Homelessness at Alarming Rates

Approximately 57 million Americans are employed by companies that do not provide retirement savings plans. A growing number of elderly citizens are now grappling with homelessness, a problem more widespread than ever before.

he retirement crisis and escalating rents have left millions of seniors financially strained. Increasingly, more baby boomers are awakening to the harsh reality that working throughout their adult lives doesn't guarantee them affordable housing in their later years. This demographic has endured a series of economic downturns over their lifetime, along with the soaring housing prices of the past five decades. Conversely, their incomes have not seen similar growth, preventing many from saving sufficiently for a comfortable retirement.


Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
Now double those numbers as Generation 'X' hits it's 60's !
This is THE economic argument of the age.

Successive governments have feathered their own high earners nests for the last thirty years pandering to employers in exchange the employers wanted wages kept low which meant people could not only not afford to buy their homes but social housing was slowed in order for Managers and owners of corporations to increase their wealth and worth.

Doubtless governments were hoping Gen. 'X' were going to move back in with their parents thus negating the costs for care and social housing.
But many won't because they had to move further afield for work in the first place.
RedBaron · M
Now that you’ve served up the hyperbole, what solution do you propose?
Tastyfrzz · 61-69, M
I've been told by the financial guy at Fidelity that my very conservative 401K is in good shape and U could retire now if I wanted. Will I? Probably not
If they want to keep paying me and covering my health insurance so be it.
My houses and cars are paid off.
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
Welcome to the real world. Hate to say it, but that has long been the reality for many under 40s. A little understanding and empathy may help to heal the widening generational rift.
TexChik · F
An yet we send billions to foreign countries
badminton · 61-69, MVIP
@TexChik I think we should use our nation's wealth for domestic improvements, for programs that help all the people.

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