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What's up with all the idiots holding "John 3:16" signs at football games? ~

Do they seriously think anybody cares?
spjennifer · 56-60, T
Not really relevant to football, have to wonder what they're thinking? Are they any different from the Westboro Baptist loonies?
Mamapolo2016 · 70-79, F
[@605026,spjennifer] Gotcha. Free speech - or sign-waving - for everybody but them.
spjennifer · 56-60, T
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] No, they can wave their signs all they want, but same as most other sign waving loonies, who cares, shut up and go away already. "Free Speech" doesn't preclude me thinking they're idiots.
Mamapolo2016 · 70-79, F
[@605026,spjennifer] True.
TheConstantGardener · 56-60, M
I think that it may be a proselytising thing. 🤷‍♂️
[@1050026,RedBaron] the way you phrased your question would lead people to believe that this was new to you..
RedBaron · M
[@8041,alkynesoftrouble] People or just you? Speak for yourself. How else would I have phrased it? Try not to read what isn't there.
[@1050026,RedBaron] …Not certain of your age.. it’s been going on since the 70s…

If you meant something else with the “what’s up with”…
Then fine..
Either way…this is your issue…

You wrote the question and weren’t clear with the language..
Take care, I am done here
Bri89 · 31-35, M
Probably not. But if it makes them happy, I guess it isn't hurting anyone.
RedBaron · M
[@1201485,Bri89] Except those watching TV who don't care to look at these bozos.
Mamapolo2016 · 70-79, F
[@1050026,RedBaron] Seriously? We expect not to see bozos in large gatherings on TV?
What makes them idiots?
RedBaron · M
[@643614,Babylon] What do you call people who go to all that effort to call attention to themselves? I don't think it makes them appear particularly intelligent.
I know I sure as hell dont

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