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I Use Whatsapp

Everyone's photos and videos they share in the group is getting saved to my mobile and taking up space!! 馃槨 haha EVERYDAY!
Disable the auto download. Simple
Maggimay46-50, F
If I go to my app manager. Into whatsapp app I have permissions. In there. I dont know what your settings are. Google it
WiltingRose26-30, F
How to turn it off? In my App Manager, it only tells info about the app. No options.
Ah yes I turn that off. I even turn off the auto-download.
Maggimay46-50, F
Its whatsapp intothestorm. Not here
I'll try again
Thank you Maggi
It should be in the "Chats" settings in the App itself. I'm on an iPhone though so if you're on an Android I don't know if it's the same.
[b]I hope the admins
Do something about this
I was trying and I can't do anything
No more funny pics[/b]
Maggimay46-50, F
There could be a setting for that in your phone. In mine there is. Setting. App manager.
waxasxsk31-35, M
my whatsapp is *************
you got it ? :D :D
Photos automatically save on here?
waxasxsk31-35, M
hahhaahaha the change the settings......... :D :D
Yea, this is so annoying
Maggimay46-50, F
Whatsapp Poptart

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