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I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds

It's almost anno 2020 and on this social network I can't share a link ? What's the idea of having a group like I Am A French Teacher if one can't share online references with eachother ?
jansegers · 46-50, M
And where do those link appear ? I've tried with posting a Toki Pona presentation I've made at

I can't find it back on my profile nor anywhere else I've looked ...
SW-Admin · Admin
[@1025419,jansegers] I apologize, I misunderstood your original question.

Users are able to share links (just like you did on your comment above).
However, we don't hyperlink any external link, to prevent Spam on Similar Worlds.

Any links to pages within Similar Worlds domain will be automatically hyperlinked.

jansegers · 46-50, M
[@100,SW-Admin] So basically that Share Link in the top down menu you first mentionned doesn't work ?
SW-Admin · Admin
[@1025419,jansegers] It works, but doesn't do what you were initially asking for.
I'm not a French teacher or a teacher of any kind but I support this
Shina · 16-17, F
[@926184,nothereforpeople] i know i was joking
SW-Admin · Admin
You should be able to share any page, using this:

Shina · 16-17, F
Bonjour je ne savais pas que vous etiez ici,
Shina · 16-17, F
omg my teacher is here

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