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Facebook is getting Americans killed. Biden saying so isn't likely an accident [I Hate Facebook]
it is getting people killed, people trust facebook over doct[quote]ors.[/b][/i]

But is Biden's original assertion that Facebook is "killing people" a gaffe to begin with? [b]Well ... no. No it's not. It's objectively true, after all; along with Fox News and other outlets willing to exchange vaccine misinformation for a boosted audience that can be sold to advertisers, Facebook is allowing information on their site that they, in their own reports, have identified as being untrue, that Americans are citing as reasons not to get a potentially lifesaving vaccine during a deadly worldwide pandemic, and that is resulting in deaths.[/b][/quote]

You can argue that Facebook is not liable for those deaths, or that Facebook has no plausible way to prevent them, or that Facebook could take action to prevent the deaths but it would have such dire ramifications for free speech that allowing widespread deaths through misinformation would be preferable, but you can't say it's not happening. Facebook itself identified a core den of propagandists that are responsible for a large chunk of all vaccine disinformation on their platform. It's allowing that den to remain active.[/quote]
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justanothername · 51-55, M
Facebook is responsible for providing a broadcast platform that allows antivaccers to spread mis truths. Facebook is very inconsistent in its monitoring of various forms of speech despite having the technology to moderate or remove certain comments.

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