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I Still Use Facebook

Does anybody run successful groups on Facebook? How do you get your members to interact and contribute posts? I run a bunch and generally it seems I am putting lots of energy in without much response. It's a bit demoralising. 😣
Keraunos · 31-35, M
I used to be involved in a very successful one, but it seems to have been ruined by the increasingly-heated discussion of "politics" (a word that growing numbers of people are bizarrely using to refer to dumb "culture-war" issues) beginning in 2016. There are too many people who will find [i]any[/i] excuse to bring discussion around to their vapid ideologies, which led to a ban on the discussion of anything "political" on the board.

Unfortunately, it turns out that a rule like actually ends up stifling a surprising amount of otherwise fruitful discussion, including much that you would never have thought of as violating such a rule until you see it start being enforced.

As for when the group was successful, what I would advise is:
• Make it about something that people could actually have a lot to say about. This is really the most important thing, the rest will probably follow naturally as long as the admin team isn't distressingly incompetent.
• Have a team of admins with slightly differing perspectives on the rules to avoid groupthink. All of them should also have well above average intelligence, and should probably be older than thirty or so.
• Make it a closed group, but one to which access is pretty much a rubber-stamp procedure as long as the person's profile doesn't seem to obviously be a bot or troll.
• The ethos of the board ought to be one of complete amorality. If discussions seem to be veering into talk of "right and wrong" too often, this is a good sign that there is probably little going on in your group any longer which is actually worthy of discussion.
• Low tolerance for inane nonsense posts, meme-spamming, etc. People who are mostly making these kinds of posts should be summarily banned.
Keraunos · 31-35, M
[@666713,Keraunos] One thing I will add is that you really don't need much of a core group to get the board to take off. It's amazing how active a group can appear to be with just a dozen or so consistent posters who have begun to develop a sense of mutual understanding with one another. Once a small group of people who see value in the group starts generating frequent and interesting discussion, it can skyrocket to hundreds of active members in just a few months with several dozen consistent posters.
Wolfdancer · 56-60, F
I have been in and out of a lot of different groups. I've been asked to admin some too, but then that seemed to be a problem. I saw this one group owner really get upset with people not participating and not sure what she was expecting, because people WERE participating. I run one group of my own which is small and geared towards dogs & cats only. I have a handful that participate & I throw something out there from time to time. I don't pressure people to participate and I don't put a lot of pressure on myself to post either. I find the bigger a group, the more stressful it is to manage. There are a kazillion groups out there and people all have their own lives. I certainly would not take it to heart if people aren't active. I'm sure you've asked for input from your group members?
FishingTech · 31-35, M
It seems that you have to revolve a facebook group around a particular political viewpoint to have a lot of followers (but also a lot of enemies)
Persephone · 46-50, F
My groups aren't political. It's mostly health and positivity type groups.

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