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馃攦 +1000 EP Groups Consolidated 馃尀

Over 1000 fragmented "[b]Experience Projec[/b]t" and "[b]EP[/b]" groups, have now been merged together and made active again, as this new, consolidated group:

People & Family 禄 [b]Social Websites[/b] 禄 [b][u]Experience Project[/u][/b]


Many of the other old groups are actively being consolidated and correctly sorted, for maximum organization and usefulness to the SW community.

Members should see more groups progressively merged and approved for release, in the coming days and weeks. 馃憤
ImRileyTheDog18-21, F
This update is a little difficult to adjust to but we appreciate you guys and everything you do for sw
Miram31-35, F
I like the changes especially the ability to mute categories.

I thought it is worth mentioning that your threads/updates aren't being pinned in the main and members keep asking about their groups not realizing it is a work in progress
@Miram Thank you. Only posts under Admin Announcements are pinned to the main feed :)
Miram31-35, F
@Nuno That makes sense 馃憤 Excuse my goofy late night talk.
@Nuno why cant i get my perdonal groups back imported from e p
Notice me, Andrew 馃樋 Peas 馃槶
JoeyFoxx51-55, M
I鈥檝e not had a lot to say about the changes here

But this one is wildly short sighted and is a great step to making this site a boring bulletin board.

So, if that鈥檚 what you want, great work!
[c=359E00]people usually give suport on post like this, but when actually implemented they get angry lol 馃ぃ[/c]
DeluxedEdition26-30, F
wow thats nice to have admins who listen to the community 馃槒
SweetMae61-69, F
I know how much work that entails. Thank you. 馃槉
1490wayb56-60, M
i remember the y2k fears and searching for new inventory control system. used yarn to lay out all the processes in a conference room. WOW!!
How abput my personal groups i imported from e p and had them 11 years
@KimmyGary didnt think u would reply
texasborn8931-35, M
Nice. We don't need several groups that have the Same name lol
Well I appreciate your work and love it! Thanks for the update 馃挆
MarineBob56-60, M
I know you're working hard and this will take getting use to
Thank you!
I know it's a progressive work that requires patience.
TheLastWord22-25, M
I like the old version better.
Thank you Andrew... very well done job...

You rock! Thank you!
I dont get it but HI 馃挅
Thank you for doing this.
Keepitsimple51-55, F
MrBrownstone41-45, M
Nice 馃憤馃徑
Thatll sooth the angry masses 馃槉

Its like you just cleaned up a boarders house...users got real antsy馃槒...and all out of sorts.

It did kinda need a tidy many multiple groups was insane!
Just so you know...its my UNbirthday , and coincidentally my UNchristmas too....and I've been REAL GOOD .馃槉

so ...can I have an Oogie group.?

Pretty please 馃榿馃拫馃
KiwiBird31-35, F
@KiwiBird id be SO chuffed 馃
KiwiBird31-35, F
@OogieBoogie You need the Boogie to go with your Oogie.

She's the Oogie Boogie Bugle Girl of Company C

PirateMonkeyCabinet36-40, M
I'm guessing we won't ever get the ability to create new groups after all your consolidation is done? These will just be legacy groups?

Actually, looking at that link, it doesn't really seem like groups anymore really but rather just the old group name tagged onto the end of old posts.

Meh, this still remains an update I did [i]not[/i] want.
We may offer the option for users to suggest new Groups, which may go to some voting process, so that the most demanded groups will have more likeliness and priority to be created.

(Unlikely that users will be able to create groups "On Demand", that leads to a lot of junk and confusion. That's the system EP had, that we are finally cleaning up and organizing.)

The old group names are appended to the Titles of each post, to retain their relevance and uniqueness,
as many of the old groups had slightly different meanings, although all focused on the same subject of "Experience Project".
PirateMonkeyCabinet36-40, M
@Andrew Confirms what I suspected then. Disappointing, but I expected that.
KiwiBird31-35, F
@Andrew How do we "Search old group names"?
ShenaniganFoodie36-40, M
Inner-Action from you such as this brings respect

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