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I Love the Experience Project

Third Post:
I was a regular at Experience Project, I should've copied all my experiences, I recently as TODAY searched for another platform similar and found a post on Quora from Armen Berjikly who was the founder of EP, which in turn led me to SW, not as good mind you, but still a nice place so far

After a close friend's diagnosis with a serious medical condition, Berjikly began creating online communities designed to sponsor hope through research and community. Witnessing the power of connecting people with a shared experience, and therefore common understanding, led to the creation of Experience Project which has rapidly grown to the largest community of people sharing life experiences, with over 10 million people a month sharing over 20 million experiences

Rutterman · 46-50, M
EP was begun with the noblest of intentions. I met many wonderful people there, some of whom are (or were) here. Unfortunately, it wasn't well-managed and this contributed to its eventual downfall, I believe.
I wish I could see the date of that post.
Experience Project was great idea, but it collapsed several years ago due to the number of trolls, scammers and sexual predators that eventually flooded the site.
Huge numbers of people left in droves.
Similar Worlds is the revived version. It has a system of filters designed to help protect people from unwelcome stalkers, and a much better system of flagging and banning toublemakers.
Imsleepy · 26-30
I regret not copying my profile as well.

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