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I Want to Improve the Experience Project

EP Management's Butchering of the Website Did the Website In

Why is EP ending? If you want to believe the noble-sounding explanations given in the Farewell Message, go ahead. The only part of it that rings true to me is the reference to difficulties with advertising revenue. EP died because it didn't generate enough profit to sustain the interest in keeping it alive on the part of its founder, whose heart had long ago moved on to selling use of the Kanj*ya algorithm to corporations with 500 or more employees. What factors diminished the advertising revenue? Certainly reduced traffic on the website, which lowered the rates EP could charge advertisers. Why was the traffic on the Experience Project reduced?

My own EP participation dramatically dropped in 2014. The reason was I noticed a shocking drop-off in comments on my stories, really remarkable. Up till then it didn't matter if I had a new story up--my old stories would get plenty of comments. I concluded that the terrible changes to the website made in the last quarter of 2013, especially the layout, were causing a great reduction in traffic on EP, and it sapped my motivation to post many new stories. It was in late 2013 that the worst part of the wrecking of EP by management took place. The once-beautiful site was made ugly and much more difficult to use. Flaggers were given the right to remove other people's content at will. Soon after was implemented censorship of even perfectly harmless stories before they ever posted by EP's brutal and utterly inept filters. The old effective EP-Google search engine was replaced by an onsite search feature that is so pathetic that it forces us to go to a search engine offsite to find what we are looking for on EP.

See what the home page for this experience group looked like before the dismantling of the site began:

Polls and a cornucopia of other features, including features that increased the possibilities for a user's content to gain visibility on the website. We could even see what were the proportions of men and women in the experience group!

Compare that to what we have now:

For an example of how EP used to be building the site instead of tearing it down, see

I had planned in my mind to post hundreds of more stories to EP. But my motivation to continue posting significant numbers of additional stories was sapped in 2014 when I saw that my stories were receiving many fewer comments and apparently many fewer views. Around this time also I noticed that many people were leaving EP, by deleting their accounts or just ceasing to log in.

I said in June 2015 at the time EP management deplorably destroyed our blogs: "I have noticed that on threads of stories and of the now-deceased blog posts, one sees a lot of comments where the author responds to a comment that's no longer there because the commenter is gone.

There used to be a lot of thriving "communities" on EP, circles of people who commented on each others' stories and loved and supported each other. It seems like EP's worsenings have practically wiped out those communities. There used to be real joy on EP, but now the joy is gone from EP."

Before the devastation of the website by the changes of late 2013, it was an extremely common thing on EP to see a story with a comment thread bearing dozens or even hundreds of comments, especially in this group. After that time I would never see such long comment threads anywhere on EP. The people who used to flock to stories in this group quit coming because it was all too clear that EP management no longer cared about us.

There used to be what I called "high activity members", people with so much activity on EP that just one day would fill up their Recent Activity page. After 2013 I never saw any such high activity people. One such former high activity person was Fungirlmm. I used to say "Fungirl IS EP!" In the last few years she was seldom seen on EP. Another high-activity member got disgusted with EP and left to start another website. Others who had been among the most popular and well-liked people on EP, such as Pixelita, Andrew Penney, and womaninbliss, became absent from EP. I was perplexed by how EP Support could seem to be so indifferent to the fact that EP was losing its most intelligent and well-liked members and they were not being replaced by people of remotely comparable caliber. Many people commented in this period that the website seemed to be devaluing meaningful writing, which had been its original purpose.

See the chart on Alexa showing EP's declining traffic over the past year ( :

EP management worked diligently from mid-2012 on to diminish the value of its own product. No wonder it found diminished user support and therefore diminished profitability which led to the long-predicted demise of the website.

I hope that those communities of support and love that EP management crushed with its relentless dismantling of this website will bloom and live anew on other websites.
I liked the profile page when your top nine friends could be seen in the top right hand corner.

All stories had a title and could be searched by such. They were also categorized by year, so much easier to find.

The groups had pictures, and it showed who created the group's. There was a gift box below the whiteboard โ€“ both visible on the profile page.

The Home Page showed interactions on the WB between your circle, and there was free chat.

I recall that from the moment I logged on EP to when I logged off, it was non stop activity. While trying to write a story or read stories, the notifications would be coming in so fast. There would be a line of people waiting to chat. Messages would be coming in. Whiteboard posts, gifts, gestures would be hitting my profile all night long. I could hardly keep up with it all. It was an amazing place when I joined in October 2011.

The profile page was full of images and color, and it looked bigger. You could actually see your profile picture on your stories back then.

It was like having a night out with friends, every night. How sad it lost so many features and what made it great...and now this.
"Yes, but I may leave my profile up, and who knows who will be reading what. Same for my pictures."
Right now the only way anybody can see a profile page is to be a member; am I not right? Once EP becomes a frozen archive, it won't be able to differentiate members and non-members, meaning presumably profile pages will be inaccessible. So I don't see how anybody will be seeing your pictures.
How do you export it? I was supposed to get a link by email but never saw anything.
"How do you export it? I was supposed to get a link by email but never saw anything."

All I can suggest is go the Farewell page, click, and try it again. Maybe use a different email address and check your spam folder if you have one.
I beilieve that your observations and opinions are absolutely cirrect. i too realized in 2014, that to keep old posts here at EP in ILSM group for posterity was rather useless, because it became impossible to get to them. I could no longer refer people to a specific members account to get to their stories, because You could no longer search for a member to get to their posts. Consequently, I also noticed a loss of hits on my old posts, to the point where it stopped completely.. I now had to suggest to members if they wanted to read a certain member's post to go to my friends list, find the individual and then get to the post...and that only worked via a conviluted network of friends referring friends.I have no idea why EP was so determined to destroy their own site. you would think common sense would dictate that when they realized the drop in account activity , they would sort out the when and why, and automatically undue the changes that caused the problem and simpy go back to what it was......but instead...they closed their eyes and stupidly went on ruining their site. In addition during this time...lots of members were complaining about all of these very issues ... for ex. they were complaining about the lack of being able to search for people, and the reasn why that mattered, and so EP knew...and ignored the issues.
I noticed the mention above about the pathetic state of search capability. I couldn't tell you how many times I've searched EP for a specific username that I KNOW is a member and had no results -- only to go to Google and search the name and "Experience Project" and bam! there it would be! That is pathetic.
Exactly...and if the name came up on google, so did an acess to a few of the posts for that member,, and yet here at could get nothing...they didn't exist. I would agree that the inability to search here at EP, kept people more anonymous...but i am ot so sure that most of us were here wanted to be that ...isolated
True. The best part of EP was being part of a community.
Very interesting. Thank you. If I was able to use a desktop back then it looks like it would have been great but I was not able to. It was completely unusable on mobile with ads overlapping and everything overlapping. In fact it was until recently. They actually said something to the effect of there being more active app users. I dont know if they got revenue from this. I dont get ads popping up on the app and it is free.
You are right about them gradually taking away features. Discussion type forums (if I remember correctly), some kind of goal setting and inspiration/ideas I seem to recall, dreams, blogs then confessions taken away. And of course an app is a stripped down version again.
Thank you for mentioning the forums. I was very unhappy that they took those away.
I love my friends here, who I can find. I still can't access all of my stories, not that it matters any longer. I gave up writing stories after the last evisceration. It's a shame.
What I will really miss is the sense of community. I will remain in touch with friends but it's like each of us is in a space pod now, able only to reach one other at a time and never knowing what the others are doing except when directly writing to them.
Yeah but they tried. I'm sure it wasn't easy to sustain the site. I don't think they gave up. I think they got beaten down. And the asshole pervs that are on here didn't help. You have to admit that. Still sad. I've been here over 3 years. Still going to miss it and hope they come back stronger.
The only way EP would come back is if the founder sold it, because he himself doesn't give a darn about it. so I suggest you look into the replacement sites EP members are going to.
I encourage other people who have good screenshots of what EP used to look like in its glory days to make a story in this group and post them.
What group? I don't know where to go?
Oh I get it, you mean post them now in the last hours? But do you know of any website that could be likened to EP in it's glory days? Is there some place that we could go to to try and build it again?
I have a story up now on why I think all this was done and why it's all ending today.
Excellent! But where is there a website that could be likened to EP in it's glory days? Where should we go?
Wow - what a difference. I had no idea.
Best post ever. Thank you.
Thank you for your kind words.

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