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I Want to Improve the Experience Project

Getting serious advertising revenue on this website--why didn't EP management ever show competence in doing that? This site had a huge membership. Why didn't they hire somebody who was a real pro at getting the advertising flow the website needed? It seemed like the boss was determined to run EP as an insular, amateur operation, nobody over 35 allowed. Always "a tiny team."

I stopped seeing ads in 2014 as a Supporter. Before then, the kind of ads I would see were "Meet Russian Women", Adult Friend Finder, and ads that would show a pretty young woman with gigantic breasts and saying she is 2.3 miles away from me, LOL! Somebody else described the ads to me now as "there are still busty ones, plus male enhancement ones, moneymaking schemes, and ones that feature bizarre and disturbing physical deformities, ostensibly clickbait articles leading to more advertisements." Atrocious! If Playboy and Penthouse have had ads for all these decades, why couldn't EP develop a strong advertising operation?

I do not pretend to have a great understanding of business or of the Internet or of Internet business, so I am quite willing to listen to what more knowledgeable people on these things have to say.
lol From my understanding, the bigger issue has to do with legal matters. As you may or may not heard, someone met someone from EP IRL and was murdered. While I really don't see how hard it could be to trace someone on the internet, but I guess law enforcement/FBI wants it spelled out for them. I'm not sure why so many sites still struggle with these issues. CL seems to have worked out the kinks. Other than administration costs, I don't see how this site could cost too much to run.

I also believe the owners now feel like I did after two weeks on here. The actual experience of this site doesn't match the purpose. It's still a worthwhile site, but it's no where near it's mission statement.
You didn't have to subscribe to EP groups you didn't like. Lots of real normal people have "bizarre" sexual fantasies and EP allowed them to share with each other. The inane censorship was a big negative for EP.
oh it got inane i won't argue with you but 'the don't subscribe to groups you don't like thing never worked because someone in my circle would join, comment on a group or story like that and there it was in my home stream (gag)
"take the recent thing with Apple... My guess is that they went through something similar."
Only recent thing with Apple I know about is the San Bernadino cellphone deal. Could you elaborate?
The real money is in targeted ads, which EP wouldn't have been able to sell without compromising users' privacy. Kudos to EP management for not selling out the members in exchange for a quick buck.
A good example is Facebook. They track your "likes," what posts of your friends that you like or comment on. They then sell this information to advertisers, who pay to have a specific advertising feed sent to your page that will hopefully appeal to you. This is more lucrative than just general advertising that appears on everyone's page.

I have an ad blocker (which doesn't work on Facebook, but it does work here) so I don't see any of the ads on EP. However, when I turn it off to check, the ads have nothing to do with my comments, "hearts," or any of that - they look like the same ads everyone sees.

EP would have to come up with a way of targeting advertising based on what groups you join and what comments you make, and figure out a way around ad blocking software the way Facebook has.
I think Facebook avoids ad blocking by paying off the ad blocker developers.

What kind of ads is EP showing now? The sort mentioned in my story?
Ad blocker plus, well, it along with a few other security plug ins, I am almost shocked, if I do see a Ad, let alone a targeted Ad.
They lost a lot of people when they started censoring people and drove all the old members away now it's just young kids with no sense and no money to spend.
What you said makes sense to me.

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