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I Want to Improve the Experience Project

Having seen RelateToThat, it's even more clear to me how much I'm going to miss EP.

No avatars. Restrictive terms of service. Crappy Q&A from what I saw of it. EP is nowhere near as good as it was in 2009 -2012 before they began dismantling it. But even the sadly reduced EP of now seems to me to be far, far better than RelateToThat. I haven't been to the other couple of sites that are most talked of as alternatives.

[UPDATE] Even to the end Q&A on EP has remained very good.

This is really, really sad.

If I join RelateToThat, it will mainly be to private message with old EP friends. But does RelateToThat have private messages?

Why, Armen, why?
You said it so well, conceptual.
Even though EP used to have a much better design with logically located menus, etc, and despite the latest deletion of posts, it is still a better place than the ones we have seen so far.

Try out
They are working on their website. It sure was short notice from EP, but I am looking forward to giving their website a try. They have the necessary knowledge to build a website and I have trust that they may manage it well... we shall see.

As to RTT, I am not planning on leaving my info there.
Thank you, Fmina. Thank you for mentioning that alternative. Seems like there are quite a few!

What do you mean by you're not planning on leaving your infoat RTT?
What are you referring to with "the latest deletion of posts" on EP?
It is there. You have to scroll almost to the bottom of the page.
They seem quite "strict" regarding content and expected behavior, but they do allow avatars, and I like how you can also have 6 or so pictures on your homepage. Their PM system isn't as user friendly, and I am a little worried about the character limit on messages, but I think that even I can manage the 2000 character limit!

I am investigating other possibilities, but don't fully trust organizations that use proxies as their ownership, which both answermug and similarworlds seem to.
There are private messages on R2T but the overall user interface is not as robust as we have become accustomed to on EP. It is developed for a PC and is not tablet friendly.
I am sorry and sad to see EP go as well.
Thank you so much for your kind words. You have become a valued member of my "cyber family" over these years and I am saddened that we won't be able to play "word games" or be there with a pay on the back when it is needed. You were what is right about this place too, and when I found this place in 2007 I was welcomed with open arms by another good heart. This place was not always ugly and evil, and even with the evil that was here, the good remained here if you looked for it. Every time I returned to,this place I found something new and interesting and it kept me coming back. Did I see bad here? Oh yes, and I had my share of bad directed at me, but I was not willing to allow that darkness to overtake the light I was standing in and those of you that shined a beacon helped me past it. I will forever be grateful to those of you that have followed me on my journey. Without that I may not have been here typing this now.
Well, I have to thank you too for your kind words. I think EP was what you made of it. Block and delete were pretty good options for dealing with the nasty people.

I can't find an option to post a new story in this group. Fungirlmmm, could you see if it's there for you? I don't want them to shut this group down.
Ugh it is there but I posted my reply to someone else's post. Oops. It is at the very bottom of the page on the right. It used to be at the top,l.
I say both of us get in there and turn it around.
Could you clarify?
Yes, they do. And they do have avatars.

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