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Got blocked 馃槸 , unintentionally? 馃馃馃馃

I am really confusing, I got a message " Hello" and blocked.

I think this happen from unintentionally clicking on wrong button. because message and block buttons are in same place

laurieluvsit26-30, F
Not to worry, you are still loved by someone

curiousaboy26-30, M
laurieluvsit26-30, F
Seriously. Don't be sad.
curiousaboy26-30, M
@laurieluvsit No, I am in happy mood
itsok31-35, F
Serena is saying [i]you[/i] blocked [i]her[/i]
@curiousaboy Someone blocked someone then
curiousaboy26-30, M
@NativePortlander1970 Of course, that's i think this is unintentional. because message and block button are closer in profile page
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curiousaboy26-30, M
I got a message "Hello" and I replied as "hello" then got blocked.

This is not a reason to laugh. Is there anything wrong that i've done. Because I just replied.


@curiousaboy Please don鈥檛 worry about it, you did nothing wrong. People getting blocked happens all the time around here. Not a big deal.
curiousaboy26-30, M
@OlderSometimesWiser Okay, It was really confusing incident. Thank you for the reply.
Girlbehindthecurtain31-35, F
@curiousaboy don't worry about it.people are weird here
AdaXI41-45, T
They're called BigtTITSerena and they're from Malaysia so there's about as much chance of them being real as there is Bugs Bunny... I really wouldn't concern yourself over this one.
curiousaboy26-30, M
allygator1822-25, F
When you are in your 50s, after years of extensive psychoanalysis and years of depression and grief counseling, maybe 180,000$ later, you will realize it was an accident.
No, it's because you didn't reply fast enough... happens all the time around here.
curiousaboy26-30, M
It probably was intentional.

But don鈥檛 worry about it. Her tits aren鈥檛 that big. 馃ぃ馃ぃ
Plasticbag100+, M
Her tit is so big it hit the block button without her realising 馃ゲ
robertsnj56-60, M
are you sure she is not just playing hard to get?
You can鈥檛 accidentally block someone
lumberjackslam41-45, M
You are Serena's Alt. Got time on your hands?
curiousaboy26-30, M
@lumberjackslam do you have same experience?
lumberjackslam41-45, M
@curiousaboy ah no because she hasnt slid into my DMs
curiousaboy26-30, M
travelguy0141-45, M
I just said hello to that profile so we鈥檒l see where this goes 馃槄馃槄

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