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Better to be safe than sorry 馃し

Being guarded, cautious and intuitive aren't bad traits to have, Especially on social media platforms, as you cannot read body language etc to help figure out who you're interacting with.

Can save a lot of aggro in the long run lol!
That鈥檚 true. When I encounter a person that acts strange but nice I usually ignore the red flags then end up regretting it. Sadly, many people online do not have good intentions and just want something from you. If you don鈥檛 give them what they want they do their best to humiliate you.
scorpiolovedeep46-50, M
True , but the more longer you get to know them well through deeper conversations we could dig deeper into their why.
Purplerain7841-45, F
@scorpiolovedeep Thing is when people are married and on sites such as this. If they can't be honest with their wives, they certainly aren't going to be honest with anyone online 馃し
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Purplerain7841-45, F
@BuildingaFloor Maybe it is ....馃馃槀

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