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[SW PSA] About PM limitations...

Making this post because many might be blocked by users where the staff commented within the users comments.

Personally I believe such comments within comments is a very bad idea because giving links is useless.

Such as that is, the comments made are within this post:


This comment has received a Note or Correction by the SimilarWorlds staff.
Some Examples of "Higher than Normal" usage:

• Creating 10 new conversations in 1 hour, with 10 different users who you have never been in contact with before.

• Creating 200 new conversations in 1 week.

There are different Time-tiers that affect different timeframes.

So, one may be able to initiate 5 conversations in one hour.

Yet they may not be able to initiate 120 (5 x 24) conversations in one day.
(Without VIP)

I'm not giving judgement about the PM limits. Yet I do believe this particular staff comment is important enough to make this post.

Some I know are blocked by the user, which I won't mention. I just mention the staff quote.
Morrigan · F
Thank you for your post, I am hoping people start to work it out, rather than continually posting about this same thing.
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
Thanks for sharing. That’s a pretty good rule in my estimation. If you want wait 7 minutes before starting a new conversation with someone, then I don’t know what to say.
RedBaron · M
There should also be a limit on repeated posts about PM limitations. Personally, I have heard more than enough about it, and I don’t think I am alone in that sentiment.
So, if you are NOT a VIP

SW Team treats you different ?

That seems fair
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@SW-User this is what they replied to me. It apparently applies to VIPs since that was something new to me.

This comment has received a Note or Correction by the SimilarWorlds staff.
The VIP feature previously increased the Quota Limit of the TOTAL Number of Private Message Conversations a user can have.

For Anti-Spam / Harassment measures, priority has recently shifted more towards "Rate Limits" of New PM conversations, rather than "Total Limits".

(Rate-limits also by extension, keeps the Total Limits under control.)

Most users who have caused a lot of harassment via PM messages, never did reach near to the Total PM Limits (which can take years to hit).

Rate-limits have always been in place before, but they were too loose, and ineffective at preventing users from spamming the same type message to 100's of new users each week.
@DeWayfarer SW have fallen under the eyes of the US Government just as Yahoo Inc did with Yahoo Answers before it was closed by the Government.




DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@SW-User there are other reasons I doubt they want to talk about.

Such as this site has more PM traffic than traffic in the groups. They would rather have people posting and replying in the groups.

That is what I do anyway. So limiting PMs messages doesn't affect me in the slightest.
Lilnonames · F
In my opinion everything they do makes it more difficult for the average user
Dshhh · M
@Lilnonames i'mm with chu

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