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Wow does anyone on here know how to normal talk instead sexual talk evertime

I don't have sex me written on my forehead 馃檮and if u been paying attention my status has change
I haven鈥檛 found too many people on here that just wants to talk normal and be friends. Everyone wants to send dick pics. I don鈥檛 think many people actually read profiles.
Carissimi61-69, F
I think there are a lot of sex starved men here, and other places, or maybe that鈥檚 just men being normal. I can鈥檛 say. I don鈥檛 understand men. They are a mystery to me.
caesar761-69, M
Status doesn't change anything for most men...they will try to get what they want and need! Men are wired for that unfortunately..LOL
That just presents more of a challenge for them. 馃拋鈥嶁檪锔
They honestly don鈥檛 care, most of them would screw a sheep 馃悜 if it had a dress 馃憲 on it 馃槀
Barbiequeen22-25, F
@Barbiequeen You get 500 free blocks 馃憤
Barbiequeen22-25, F
@InTheMostDelightfulWay lol yeah they will block me afther they see this post
Amylynne26-30, F
most guys will "go there" way too soon
i make em wait
LilPrincess41-45, F
Very very few do馃槥
Lackwittyname51-55, M
Maybe people do not read what you have written, skip right to your photos, and based on the one photo assume you are looking for that. Possibly switching that photo to friends only could help.
Barbiequeen22-25, F
@Lackwittyname ok will do that
ReneeT61-69, M
You can really tell what everyone has on their mind, then.
ReneeT61-69, M
@ravenwind43 That is so true, Raven. There is so much that can be talked about in a constructive manner without having to degrade the conversation. I'm glad that we can talk as friends and enjoy the conversations
ravenwind4346-50, F
@ReneeT I don't have a problem with the subject of sex. One should be able to talk about it and other things at the same doesn't mean it HAS to lead somewhere.:)
ReneeT61-69, M
@ravenwind43 I don't have a problem with it either. I try to look for a more well rounded conversation. And it definitely shouldn't have to lead somewhere
To be fair depending on how you say normal talk it can sound sexual.
Barbiequeen22-25, F
@Barbiequeen stop that. Jk
I like to talk about the cosmos. Tarkov and food.

Sex is gross. That鈥檚 for old ppl
Smoothsailing12126-30, M
I talk about mondain things but you will get board.
Barbiequeen22-25, F
@Smoothsailing121 maybe not and its better than what i hear everytime i comes online
11knaves1141-45, M
Perplexing and rude....humans....weird lot
I don't get those dumba##es either.
it is easy. just pick another topic! like
do you recycle?
Well do you?@Barbiequeen
Barbiequeen22-25, F
@SatyrService yes i try to talk about other topics but some of them seem to track talking about their fantasy
@Barbiequeen It is because they lack interesting and exciting things in the real life. They are desperate to feel something anything
Virgo7961-69, M
Yea but if it's not sex i guess there's not much conversation.
@Virgo79 Then het your mind off your dick and come up with something, lol
Virgo7961-69, M
@Fuzzle its not there, why theres never any messages馃槒
But hey, i don't have to be here as much that way馃檪

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