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I took a break. What did I miss?

Boobs, both literal and figurative.
Sex desperation posts.
Filtered archaic selfies.
Sanctimonious hypocrites.
Scorning and labeling anti media opinions.
Copy & paste professors, scholars, poets, and linguists
Deep dark depression for attention.
Week old posts and comments.
"It depends"...Neutrality so as not to offend.
All of the above.
I'm "NEW" here. Who the hell are YOU???
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Magenta · F Best Comment
LOL @ the choices!
Good to see you.

P.S. I am sick of muting posts and people. This desperation and obsession aka mental illness with asking personal sex questions is pathetic.
RogueLoner · M
@Magenta Nobody will ever convince me that these people with the "NEW" tag are legit. But then, they don't have to convince [b]me,[/b] do they 😆? Most of us are just insignificant blips here.
I mute all "NEW" people who post suicidal whining, and that seems to be 80% of them.
Magenta · F
@RogueLoner Haha!
I've been here too long, Rogue. Most times I feel like I'm wandering through a waste land looking for what it once was. Thank you.

strongbow · 46-50, M
The biden turds have been quieter these last few days since the illegal classified files have been dug up
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
@strongbow yeah imagine that 😂
LilPrincess · 41-45, F
Same drama just a different day. Welcome back
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
A bunch of new members with weird stories first thing. I’ve been muting almost every new member as a result.
RogueLoner · M
@cherokeepatti Me too. 😉
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F
[i]There once was a fella named Loner,
Who for time-off inquired of his donor,
"Now WHAT have I missed?",
But he surely was p*ssed
To have missed having shown her his boner.[/i]
BreezeyBree2 · 56-60
If that's the best you've got,
your poetry will surely rot.
BreezeyBree2 · 56-60
If you didn't miss what you didn't see... you didn't miss a thing!
Nothing new to see here! That's the truth!
SarithBorn · 18-21, M
Mate you're not gonna believe what happened *goes into a massive long rant* 🤣
Same drama queens different day.
RogueLoner · M
@Fragmented [big]1st[/big] runner up best answer. 👍
revenant · F
All the newbies had interesting posts and revived SW
RogueLoner · M
@revenant I must have muted 100 of those bots already. They all wanna die.
TexChik · F
I blocked another mean and nasty lib! ☺️
candycane · 31-35, F
Many are leaving
RogueLoner · M
@candycane Algorithms have isolated everyone from each other.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
Good to see a familiar face back. 🙂
RogueLoner · M
@Stereoguy Thanks. It's a boring 3 day weekend and I'm tired of football and firewood.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
@RogueLoner My wife is making us binge watch Blue Bloods. ☹️

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