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Socializing fail

I don't even know what to think of all this. It's been a long time since I posted here on similar worlds (experience project back then) but i really need to vent.

My emotions are all out of place and that's mainly because of relationships or lack of. When I'm not thinking of guys, I'm at peace but when i do, I'm a wreck by overthinking things.

So here are the issues I'm facing if anyone cares to read. :(

1) i recently confessed to my crush i liked him. He told me he has gf, but he rejected me graciously. (Didn't treat me rude )
2) i felt great because i knew now I could move on...or so i thought
3) its hard to avoid seeing him and i end up seeing him again. I thought I'd be strong but after seeing him i felt emotional all over again.
4) i meet up with a guy friend who I'd been seeing for close to year and i confided in him with my dilemma. After meeting him today and discussing my dilemma, he has not replied back to message after i told I thanked him for giving me a listen.
5) I'm once again now an emotional mess because my "gut instinct" keeps telling me my guy friend likes/liked me and me telling him about my crush perhaps hurt him?
6) my guy friend has a gf now but he still showed interest in hearing me out up until i told him about my crush
7) so now I can only see this guy friend as someone whose only intention was to get me to be his gf
8) perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions and he's really just busy....but hes always replied to me in a pretty quick manner so....that's why I believe he just lost all interest in me friend and more.

There's so much more I want to add but my head is not thinking straight.

Does it seem my guy friend liked me? He told me he only liked me as a friend so I'm confused why he's ignoring me now.

I honestly feel so dumb right now.
After reading your post, I can't see any reason why your guy friend wouldn't write you back. I've been in positions where I met a girl, told her a bit about my past, being with my ex, and she said something like, "you need to have more confidence and not talk about your ex gf all the time." "It sounds like you still love her"

And at that time, it'd been maybe a year since we'd broken up after being together for 4 years, and yea it was a tough time for me.

Now if your guy friend only saw you as gf and nothing else, then maybe he's not a true friend?

But don't feel dumb about it. You did what you felt was right, and that's a good thing. You gotta do what you gotta do, and you can't let others run your life.

I hope everything works out well for you 馃檪
@5amsunrise I've had encounters since then but ultimately I'm still single. Not sure how I've managed to do it but it's whatever.
5amsunrise31-35, F
@twiigss oh, i see. Best of luck to the both of us then. 馃槄
Toast to enjoying the single life and should the universe throw love our way, hopefully, it's an everlasting love....cause these unrequited crushes ain't least for me 馃槄
@5amsunrise yea it'd be nice to have someone. Maybe it'll come at some point
Stop thinking about it so much... Learn what you can from the experience and dump the rest into the trash can.
5amsunrise31-35, F
@HootyTheNightOwl thanks, I'll try to do that. I think i just need to find time to relax and sort my thoughts out like ask myself "what did i learn" as you mentioned
@5amsunrise That's the thing with many of us, we carry around so much that doesn't serve us because "we may need it one day". Most of what we carry is empty chip bags and soda bottles in the grand scheme of things.

In throwing those out and keeping hold of the good stuff, we can then look at what we learned and how we can approach this differently next time.
5amsunrise31-35, F
@HootyTheNightOwl thanks for sharing your nuggets of wisdom. I'll try to put it into practice for the sake of my sanity. 馃檹
Don't over think. You are young and wait for the right guy.
5amsunrise31-35, F
@littlepuppywantanewlife thank you 馃檹

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