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What does grocery shopping look like for you?

Like what do you buy, costs, etc?

I’m curious. Mostly to see how location and diet influences costs.

I’m a vegetarian that currently lives in Pennsylvania.

This week I purchased cherries as my fruit. I didn’t realize they cost $16 here. I was living in NJ and never seen cherries cost that much. I didn’t check the price when shopping… so I just ate the cost lol but that’s out of the ordinary for me.

I aim to get at least one type of fruit to last me all week. Unless I want smoothies, but not this week.

Baby carrots, hummus, potatoes, eggs, sriracha, and ramen (I’ve been watching Naruto).

So my total was around $55
When it comes to fruits I usually pick up a pineapple if they're in season, a bag of oranges and a bag of lemons..bananas..that comes to usually 12 dollars. assorted vegetables..maybe a bag of onions, 3 peppers, a container of mushrooms which comes out to maybe 6 or 7 bucks. Some bread and tortillas..5 bucks. maybe a pound and a half of ground chicken..6 bucks....Carton of Milk, container or sour cream and cream cheese..maybe a few bricks of hard cheeseif on sale I can get those for about 12 or 13 bucks..carton of eggs 2 bucks..container of peanut butter, maybe 2.50-3 bucks. some frozen fruits 5 bucks, Maybe pick up a case of bubly water maybe 5 bucks. I don't necessarily need to buy all of these things every time I go shopping. My shopping bill is usually around 30-40 dollars so I don't need to pick up all these things every time I go shopping it's just an example of what I usually buy and how much it costs.
Spouse is on an extended vacation in Asia so me and my kid are doing the shopping.

So far (6 weeks) we have stuck to the regimen of meal planning around what is on sale in the weekly grocery flyers.... Supplemented by what we find in the pantry and freezer.

Working well so far... fruit is whatever is in season (strawberries/apples/peaches right now). And yogurt of course. Meat is whatever is on sale or in the freezer. We are eating good though...nothing too crazy.... spending about 50 each week including Taco Tuesday's damages at the local Mexican place.

Luckily the area I live in has a ton of grocery choices... hence a ton of sales (like 6 ears of corn for $1 today and strawberries at 57 cents a pound)....
Kids usually pick the fruits and we're lucky if we get a couple of leftovers
Punxi · 26-30, F
Intresting. I live in California. In an area itself thats higher than the state average. Im certainly not well off, but total monthly food cost...groceries and occasionally dinning out, round a 1000$.
Dozen eggs, 5$ pound of cheese , 8$ Pound of Chicken Fillets 9$
@Punxi WHAT????? Wow I thought my 300 a month was a bit much xD
Punxi · 26-30, F
@MrBlueGuy Believe we are below NYC, cost of living wise....but still quite high. 🤷‍♀️
Just yesterday I went grocery shopping. I was struck by how this store had increased their prices. I'd heard complaints of price increases online or in the news, but hadn't really noticed it myself until yesterday. On some items the price increases were surprisingly large. 😯
FenixGears · 41-45, M
I buy lots of non-red meat, fruits and vegetables. Potatoes, sometimes ice cream and crackers, eggs. No bread, no pasta. My total is usually around $52 or $53. I'm on a diet, so I have to make sure my sugar levels are minimal.

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