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Me with small tiddies: damn this bra is killing me! 馃槨

My mom: yeah you wish ! 馃檮
SassyStonerQueen22-25, F Best Comment
Omg I鈥檓 sorry I laughed way to hard

Matt8536-40, M
Lmao fuckin savage
Why wear one when you have small tits..
Isn't it more comfortable without 馃槍
@Onestarlitnight it is more comfy but when your nips are poking through your work shirt you noticed people staring when they should be ordering donuts !
Muthafukajones46-50, M
@SW-User HOT
Degbeme70-79, M
Justcurious8636-40, M
If they match the panties I鈥檓 sure they look fantastic
lievelotje36-40, F
Exactly why I haven't worn one for the last 23 years.
If you have big tiddies you get mushrooms growing underneath them. Fact. Tiddy mushrooms are a real problem.
Justcurious8636-40, M
Wtf @SW-User
11knaves1141-45, M
FREE THEM!!!!!!! ( 鈥 )( 鈥 )
11knaves1141-45, M
@11knaves11 not like that...馃馃徑
Justferfuun141-45, M
You are sooooo funny 馃ぃ
Justenjoyit56-60, M
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@Ididntevenknowhewassick now extra time out!
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