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I Don't Wear A Bra At Home

Trust me... we too want to remove our bra as much as men likes to do!
1pebbles · 56-60, F
I’m brafree 100% of the time! Men invented them, let them wear them!
KA9ha · 31-35, M
@1pebbles men dont need to wear anything...
breastmilkprof · 56-60, M
For the sake of breast health DON'T WEAR A BRA at least not at home.
Read the book DRESSED TO KILL about the danger of wearing bras.
breastmilkprof · 56-60, M
@1pebbles Not intended as medical advice always consult with your primary care provider and pharmacist, but consider if not already taking, Fish oils OMEGA 3, Vit E mixed tocopherols, B50 complex, Vit A & C, Selenium, A good multivitamin.
Some doc recommend wearing a bra day and night!!!
Everyone is different so you may need to adjust things till you feel best.

Great talking with you 1pebbles. Cheers
1pebbles · 56-60, F
@breastmilkprof already take all those supplements, plus curcumin, grape seed resveritrol, vitamin K, D, B complex, magnesium, zinc, prescribed bio identical T3T4
breastmilkprof · 56-60, M
@1pebbles You do know your stuff! The artificial Thyroid meds are not good so glad you got the natural. Usually desiccated porcine thyroid is my choice to recommend.
Always look for standardized formulas for the likes of curcumin and resveratrol .
carsonfry · 22-25, M
You got my full support!!!
So, why wear something you don't want to? Who cares if others approve or not. Your body, your choice, last time I checked, it's legal.
DrSunnyTheSkeptic · 26-30, M
Just like how we dont like wearing shirts and pants at home, the man in his underwear at home is like a symbol
carsonfry · 22-25, M
Yeah, Rock is right, a picture is worth one thousand words, and you only used 16.
KA9ha · 31-35, M
HUH bra??? redundant cloth like the panty......
Rocknrod · 61-69, M
Im more of a visual person. I'd have to see it.

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