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I Took A Random Selfie

I woke up like this...
ok ok I washed my face & teeth but that’s it.
To tame the big hair or not to...
that is the question...
Clearly it’s humid outside lol 😂
Keep the troll hair. 😁
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@414209,SapphicHeart] 😣😏😘
[@27917,Carver] is right, it suits you. 😍
Carverr · 31-35, F
Messy hair suits you. 😊
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@27917,Carver] thanks hermanita. I’m glad you said so because I don’t want to brush it today lol 😂
hlpflwthat · M
Man, you guys don't have [b][i]any [/i][/b]snow! Take a day off with the hair.
hlpflwthat · M
I see. Well then I wouldn't worry bout Isla Mujeres too much. It's kinda older and kitschy ... cheap rooms and gorgeous beach, reasonable food, not-so-American Cancun. And it's fun for kids to get to know some locals if they come back to a place. But sounds like you got a gig for some years to come. 😎
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@501695,hlpflwthat] yeah were set.
You should check out the tresrios resort website I fell in love. Lol it’s like 10 minuets from xcaret!
hlpflwthat · M
I'll have a look!
Gangstress · 36-40, F
Omg. Your hair 😍 leave it. I like it
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@467717,Gangstress] hehe that’s soft toy did nothing to my head lol 😂
I’ve got hair protection
Gangstress · 36-40, F
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] 😂 your hair is so buoffant the soft toy rebounded and hit me 😋
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@467717,Gangstress] bahahaha lol 😂
I'd just mess it up again if you did 😛
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] can the same be said about yourself in General? 😉
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@489424,Jimmyorjames] 😐
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] 🙊
Byron8by7 · M
You have the perfectly messed up natural look many would need hours to achieve.
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@4152,Byron8by7] 😅 😁
seeandhear · M
I dunno - the hair looks good so I’d leave has a kind of a sultry look
SageWanderer · 70-79, M
You do natural well. Love the hair.
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@516380,nudewalker] thanks
VioletDreams · 36-40, F
I love your chinky eyes
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@359684,VioletDreams] Lol 😂 the running joke in my family is that I’m adopted.
But on my moms side we all have some form of Asian eyes.
SW User
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@303663,s7even] thanks
Degbeme · 61-69, M
I`m loving the hair. ;)
Fishing65 · 56-60, M
You are just too cute
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@647160,Sturmfrei] muchas gracias 😊
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
Your hair looks fine! 😊
TheSunisout · 56-60, M
you look lovely.. what country are you in?
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] I was thinking because you had such high humidity that you might have been in either mexico or one of the Caribbean countrys
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@616051,looking4thesun] no I’m in Chicago it’s been raining
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] I see.. :) well you still look lovely,

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