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Many are too used to receiving the bare minimum, grateful for even the smallest gestures of help.

But is when we offer the best of what we have, what we cherish and love, that we actually transform their lives. And it is a bitter truth that them being overwhelmed by kindness only means the world has been far too cruel.

I will not give the broken, the torn, the old, or the spare change, I will give what I hold dear. I have often said that deprivation builds character, and I still believe it does. Though not only for those who endure, but also for those who choose to lessen the burden of suffering whenever they can.
Magenta · F Best Comment
Well expressed. 💞
"Deprivation builds character"...indeed. Success and smooth sailing are nice but they don't teach us much.

being · 36-40, F
This is a very valuable lesson, thank you for sharing this.
But know that you can also make people feel obliged to give something back to you and then they realise they can never match it. And this is troublesome too.
So yes, give your best but be careful, protect their dignity too.
being · 36-40, F
@Miram yes, from the side of the giver.. but for me for example, from the side of a receiver, I can accept some things. If I find it too much then I am left feeling awkward.
I understand you, I don't think you are going about a wrong way of doing it and sharing. On the other hand, I applause, I agree, that's the right way...
I'm pointing out though that there are certain occasions that require sensitivity and by over giving, regarding the person's level of ownership, you can bring weirdness, resistance and difficulty to accept...
Miram · 31-35, F
@being You're right. It needs be done mindfully and without making them feel like they are being pulled in to reciprocate. Or that the giver is "better" in any way. Because accepting gifts is a gift too. Both are givers rationally.

I have difficulty accepting help and asking for it in general. I understand lot of their reasons and why a person would step away.i recall some jobs as a teenager working for cleaning agency in wealthy people's homes. Whenever someone extended kindness, they were a predator in one way or another. Not my only reason as to why I close off.

People think too good of themselves too fast.
being · 36-40, F
@Miram haha I too began my career cleaning a house..
Later I worked in a jewellery shop, half time standing at the window, half time brushing the diamonds with a toothbrush at the back..
At my 18th birthday the owner told me I could pick anything that I liked and take it as my gift.
I felt so embarrassed. I tried to find something cheap to pick..:(

But again! Despite all we say now, I do agree with you, to honour others with our gifts and not give what is teared and weared off..:)
Jarffff · 46-50
Come over next Sunday and speak to our congregation, just try to fit something in about Golgotha, it'll be communion ;) Just being silly, wow Miram, just wow *does the Garth not worthy bowing*
DrWatson · 70-79, M
That is beautiful, and challenging.
Magenta · F
Thank you for BC, Mir. 🩷 🌷

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