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All my male friends are married…almost

One of my best friends just got married last weekend. I’m really happy for him and proud of him. His new wife is amazing and a great woman for him. I pray that their marriage is happy, healthy, and lifelong.

However, I’d be lying if I said there isn’t a small side of me that’s a bit envious. My best friend from high school got married right after college. They’ve been married for almost ten years and already have two children. They hardly ever come back into town because they’re always busy either with work or with their kids.

All the men at my old church are married too. When I left that church, I was one of two singles there. The single lady there moved away a few months ago.

I do have two pretty close male friends who are single, for whom I’m really thankful. I haven’t been able to see them much lately. One is constantly busy with work. We’re hoping to meet up next week to exchange gifts. One of them is considering moving soon to live with family though, which would leave me with only one single male friend.

Then I have one single female friend. When I say “single,” I only mean unmarried. She’s in a serious relationship, and she has a child from that relationship and another from another relationship. She also lives far away. We have only met in person twice.

Anyway, I either need to find more single friends or find me a wife. I can’t seem to convince anyone to date me though, let alone marry me. Most women in my age group are either married, divorced, and/or have children from a previous marriage. I have zero interest in marrying a divorcee and/or being a stepfather. The few who don’t have children are too old to have kids, so my options are getting smaller by the year.

I was never really taught how to date, flirt, or interact romantically with women as a child, as I was raised by a single mother. I was always awkward around women and still am. On the rare occasion when I do meet/date women, they usually ghost me after the first date. Women want confident and ambitious men. I have zero ambition. My career (or lack thereof) has never mattered to me.

I guess I’m just going to die alone. Oh well. I guess there’s always dogs.
I find whenever my friends get into a relationship, i lose them as friends unless i get into a relationship then we stay friends as couples.
RopinTexan · 31-35, M
@SW-User Thankfully, the one friend who just got married actually does make an effort to stay close friends, despite the fact that they’ve been dating for several years. That’s my favorite thing about him. I just hope it stays that way now that he’s married. Once they have kids, who knows?
@RopinTexan Yes, once they have kids it can change friendships too. Just have to be lucky i guess.

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