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Hi y'all.. Let's share something positive today

My brain is really on some adhd shit today, and even tho I took my meds this morning, I've been feeling a bit off..

I'm starting a trash journal, and I just wrote a "motivational letter from my past", for me to read in the future. And while I was writing it I got goosebumps, I cried a little, and I felt a lot of appreciation for all those small things I've done today and are going to do today that I usually take for granted.

Sooo, since I usually share about my negative thoughts and drama, I wanted to share some of these too!
And feel free to take some time to do the same.

I'm going to share a little bit from the letter I wrote;

"As I’m writing this, I find myself in a unexplainable mindset. My mind is a place of fast paced nothingness, where I get lost in the depth of silence as I’ve taken my Adhd meds.

I’m also overthinking how to start of the journal, as if it needs a perfect first page that will set the tone for this whole journey - which it wont, it’s just to start - but do I want to start by adding in things from earlier this year, do I wanna start from today, do I wanna start with a special event, an introduction? I’m not sure, and because I’m not sure I get stuck in task paralysis - unable to pick up the journal and even write down my name.

During your life, you’ve been through so much trauma, so much pain, and so many situations that easily could’ve broken you into a million pieces. And even in your darkest hours, darkest days and moments, you’ve gotten through every single one of them, and slowly been able to pick the pieces back up, and puzzle them together again.

But even though today is chaotic, I still woke up today to my amazing husband giving me kisses and talking about his expectations for the day. I was so sleepy but seeing him sitting on bed in front of me, smiling, laughing and talking about how amazing his day is gonna be, gave me energy, it gave me a positive start of the day, and a positive mindset, making me want to yell out that today will be AMAZING.

I get to have a quiet slow-paced morning, I get to write out my feelings for my future self to read at some point (hopefully I won’t forget to read it), I get to go to work, talk to my colleagues, take care of my patients, I get to take my meds, I get to walk outside, walk 10.000 step which helps me feel accomplished, I get to drink my favorite iced coffee. Then I get to come home to my husband and Coco, I get to cuddle, eat food, watch tv, and talk about my day with my husband, and hear him talk about his day.

I’m in a good place today, and I hope you are too when you’re reading this. I hope you’re able to look at all those small things that gives you joy."

This is just some bits and pieces of the letter, so it might not make so much sense lol.

I wish you all a beautiful day, and hope you do one thing today that makes you feel a little bit better, even if that one thing is just watching your favorite show, drinking your favorite drink, or taking a walk outside.

mooncrest02 · 31-35, F
Thats beautiful Cassie☺️ I hope you have a great day💗
also a reason i never started any journaling, its very hard to get thoughts onto paper. 🫠 lol i still have my empty journal. 🥲
Cassieeeee · 31-35, F
@mooncrest02 Thank you, I hope you a great day too 💖
I have many empty journals, always super hopeful buying them too 😅 Hopefully I can actually finish this one🥹
mooncrest02 · 31-35, F
@Cassieeeee lol you will! And ill have to try.
Shadyglow · F
I positively KNOW that words are such a trap.

My dentist gets lots of timidity-business by saying things like "feels yucky" and "good job" and its cringing-ly embarrassing but he also doesn't shame me for being negligent at times. So I let him cringe me out. I am taking the whole package. He also will never hurt me. Others might.

I AM DEFINITELY NOTHING THOUGH WITHOUT EVERYTHING I EXPERIENCE. The truth is far from "beautiful" but its the best thing for me, the beautiful lies and made-up stuff never supported me and shouldn't.

I cant journal either, in writing at least, it stops the reality in its tracks. My journal is internal and I try to notice and remember everything. I usually fail 99%.
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
I am so happy you’re looking at the positives 🩷🩷🩷. You deserve all happy things.

I got a steroid injection in my knee today so hopefully I will have less pain.

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