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Do you think you have parasites?

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I'm just curious 馃檮馃悰
Who knows.. i used to worry about that when i was younger i bought sone of that herbal stuff that was supposed to remove them but then i got suspicious of the stuff 馃槄 smh
@SStarfish interesting馃
laurieluvsit26-30, F
Everyone has them to some extent which many don't know.

Rosacea is the result of a parasite for example.
[center][big]DEMODEX MITE (causes Rosacea face redness)[/big][/center]

Most everyone has them in their facial skin but they don't cause any problems unless they over populate causing the Rosacea redness.

I wrote an op-ed article about it that appeared in a national natural health magazine

Some parasites are good and others, not so much.

I take a herbal parasite cleanse every 6 months to get rid of any bad ones


HoraceGreenley56-60, M
I've got one
exchrist31-35, T
Ppl can b parasitic
@exchrist indeed lol that鈥檚 when you have to purge them from your life.
exchrist31-35, T
@mbai2223 its ongoing
I.had giarda llama yearrs qgo
Picklebobble256-60, M
I have three grown-up kids so...
No don't have those.
tenente100+, M
hi curious i'm tenente

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